AML Screening and Monitoring

Benefit from our own proprietary risk database for automated screening & monitoring

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We provide a proprietary AML database and ensure that our risk information comes from reliable, traceable sources.

Politically Exposed Persons

Enhanced PEP profiles categorized for flexible searching with relatives and close associates.

Sanctions and Watchlists

Comprehensive global sanction list coverage updated in real-time.

Adverse Information and Media

Profile-based adverse information and media with FATF-aligned categorization.

Faster Customer Onboarding & Ongoing Monitoring

  • Screen customers in real-time against 1,000s of global government regulatory and law enforcement watchlists, over 100 International and National Sanctions lists and PEPs.
  • Reduce the time it takes to onboard thanks to consolidated risk profiles and by leveraging a customizable matching technology.

Integrate With Ease

  • We make it as easy as possible for your compliance team to succeed by offering an easy-to-navigate interface with intelligent visual guidance of customer risk.
  • Integrate AML checks seamlessly into your onboarding workflow via a highly functional RESTful API and identify and remediate risk more efficiently..

ComplyAdvantage’s customizable matching parameters allowed a significant reduction in false positives and incorrect hits, freeing up valuable time for our team.
Marion Beaufrère,
Head of Product Luko

AML Data Updates in Minutes

More accurate data for faster risk decisions

Consolidated Profiles

One combined profile, clearly showing risk categories

Automated Ongoing Monitoring

Minimize effort remediating changes

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