A Guide to Anti-Money Laundering for Crypto Firms

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A broad range of risk assessments including customer & corporate screening, monitoring and transaction risk.

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The next generation of FRAML technologies, driven by AI

Identify where your business is exposed to money laundering and fraud risks. Prevent these risks in real-time with our wide range of offerings.

Customer Screening and Monitoring

Optimize the efficiency of AML/KYC screening, reduce friction and automate your onboarding and monitoring.

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Transaction Monitoring Software

Monitor customer transactions and screen suspicious financial activity in real-time.

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Know Your Business

Understand the risk of companies, associated directors and shareholders via a single API.

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Our Free tool to verify customers with live sanctions, PEPs, and adverse media.

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Our tools and resources designed for early-stage startups.

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Why choose ComplyAdvantage?

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Plug-and-play cloud application services

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Highest level of security and risk mitigation

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Taxonomies aligned to FATF recommendations

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Autonomous systems in constant live state

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Industry-leading API integration and uptime

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Onboarding cycle time acceleration

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Customizable risk profile configuration

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False-positives reduction by up to 60%

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No-code rules builder with rapid sandbox test

Solutions Features

Our services provides customers with industry-leading data and insights on adverse media, sanctions, watchlists and politically exposed persons. Reduce the frustration of complying with global AML and CTF regulations and leverage our easy-to-implement API integrations.


Adverse Media Insights

Cut through the noise and analyze true adverse media context at scale with the most accurate adverse information and media entities in the world.

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Real-time Global Sanction Screening

Screen against real-time sanction and watchlist data and bethe first to know about critical changes to your customers’ risk status.

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Politically Exposed Persons (PEP) Screening

Real-time screening and automated ongoing monitoring against comprehensive, dynamic and global Politically Exposed Persons lists.

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REST API Integration

We are an API-first company, enabling you to integrate data feeds, case management systems, and CRMs to match your workflow.

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Traditional AML Vendor


Manually compiled data, periodically updated

Automated data generation in constant live state

Siloed data sets with limited insights

Connected AML risk & corporate data

Slow, painful integration via API with low uptime

Quick and easy API integration with 99.99% uptime

Batch rescreening via spreadsheet upload

Automated ongoing monitoring with full audit trail

Individual list-based alerts

Consolidated entity profiles with a single alert

Limited search functionality

Powerful search algorithm configured to risk-based approach

Human-curated adverse info from non-reputable sources

AI/ML-powered, scanning 150m reputable media articles per month

Hard-coded ruleset which is difficult to change

Easy scenario creation tailored to industry use case

Poor customer service

Dedicated Customer Success Managers

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ComplyAdvantage is the preferred partner of high growth fintechs. We have helped them detect fraud & AML risks quicker, reduce manual labor prone to human error, and provide real-time updates - all while providing world-class data.

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