We’ve launched a podcast!

If you’ve been paying close attention to our content output over the past few months you may have already noticed that in October 2019 we decided to launch a podcast. We know you enjoy our case studies, webinars and whitepapers (which you can find more of in our resources hub) but we wanted a place for you to get to know ComplyAdvantage more clearly while finding even more compliance information.

Corrupt Planet is a podcast dedicated to understanding the reason why there’s so much corruption in the world and what’s being done to stamp it out. We take a look at the technology, regulations and innovations coming into force that can tackle corruption and financial crime.

We started this podcast because sometimes it’s difficult to find the compliance information you need and that information is rarely contextualized. We’ve already examined issues such as state capture, adverse media, tax avoidance, 5AMLD and much more. Essentially, Corrupt Planet is taking a look at everything that feeds into corruption on our planet and makes the global financial system a difficult place to avoid illicitly obtained money.

Incredible guests have been on the show already, including Oliver Bullough – best selling author of Moneyland – and Livia Benisty, Global Head of Business AML at BankingCircle.

We take an in-depth look at the issues that matter and more importantly why they matter. What compliance officers need to focus on and how compliance can be an asset to financial institutions in the 21st Century rather than a chore or a reason to exit a country or de-risk an entity.

If you’re intrigued, here are a couple of episodes for you to dip into:

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