Why work at ComplyAdvantage?

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Talented developers have a broad range of options in the current hiring environment. ComplyAdvantage aims to be a great place for developers where they can work on exciting projects and make an impact.

Why join ComplyAdvantage? Broadly we can divide these into two broad categories: the technology, and the company.

Great technology

  1. Greenfield projects
  2. Exciting stack
  3. Laravel
  4. MongoDB Wired Tiger, Redis, Neo4J
  5. Machine Learning
  6. Significant volume of data
  7. Opportunity to apply the latest technologies to a field where they have not traditionally been used


A company is a mix of its people and culture. We aim to make ComplyAdvantage a great place to work by improving every aspect of the company to attract the best team members.

  1. Exciting clients – Exciting broad client base
  2. Culture
  3. Learning from good people
  4. Opportunity to make a significant impact on company direction
  5. Company still has a lot of growth to experience
  6. Making a difference in reducing terrorism, corruption and money-laundering

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