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Designing Compliance for the Future (CACON 2020 Webinar)

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Thank you for your interest in the ComplyAdvantage Conference: Designing Compliance for the Future! This year, we addressed how to enhance the capabilities of compliance leaders and the vital mission of preventing money laundering in a global landscape that’s awash with new threats.

Hosted in London and New York, the conference brought together industry experts and thought leaders for keynote speeches, industry panels and engaging discussions.

Whether you joined us live or are watching these sessions for the first time, we hope you find them engaging and thought-provoking. For more events and webinar, visit our dedicated events page here

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  • Europe Agenda
  • North American Agenda

50 MinsKeynote Panel: The State of Compliance in 2020

Our keynote panel looks back on a year of radical and rapid digital transformation. The panel will explore why innovation is as important as ever in the fight against financial crime and examine the opportunities that lay ahead for compliance teams.

  • Paul Huston, VP, Product, ComplyAdvantage (@ComplyAdvantage)
  • Sophia Bantanidis, Head of Regulatory Strategy & Policy, Citi Group
  • Tom Keatinge, Director, Centre for Financial Crime & Security Studies, RUSI
  • David Birch, Principal, 15Mb Ltd

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22 Mins: 6AMLD Readiness: And What Brexit Might Mean

6AMLD is just around the corner. We explore the practical steps firms can take to ensure a smooth implementation of the European and UK legislation in a post-Brexit environment.

Matthew Redhead, Associate Fellow, RUSI

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50 Mins: Communicating Compliance: Buy-in from the Business

We’ll uncover how to ensure that compliance has a strong voice within your organization, the critical messages for working with and promoting compliance to your executive team, and the role of digital transformation in reducing inefficiencies.

  • Livia Benisty, Global Head of Business AML, Banking Circle
  • Phil Coole, MLRO, OakNorth Bank
  • Ricky Lee, Founder & CEO, sync.
  • Shachar Bialick, Founder & CEO, Curve

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20 Mins: Tackling Human Trafficking

We will explore the true human cost behind money laundering, the role technology can play helping to disrupt human trafficking and the importance of a holistic sector approach in preventing exploitation.

Neil Giles, Director, STOP THE TRAFFIK

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25 Mins: Remaining Effective: Compliance at Scale

Fireside Chat: There will always be an inherent challenge between security and speed, between efficiency and customer service in managing compliance, but those challenges are magnified at scale. We will examine the role that technology plays in enhancing processes like transaction monitoring and how it can improve existing workflows.

  • Rosie Larsson, VP, Compliance, Visa Payments
  • Sean Jones, AML Specialist, ComplyAdvantage

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50 Mins: Getting Away with Money Laundering

High-profile money laundering cases like those uncovered in the recently leaked FinCEN files are eye-opening but don’t always lead to notable change. Our panel explores how criminals get away with their crimes, what compliance teams can learn and how the regulatory environment should evolve to address these issues.

  • Joy Macknight, Managing Editor, The Banker
  • Samantha Sheen, Financial Crime Compliance Officer, EMEA, Stripe
  • Denisse Rudich, Senior Policy Advisor, The Sentry
  • Shahmeem Purdasy, Senior Manager, Plenitude Consulting

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50 Mins: Terrorism Financing & Evolving Sanctions

As the UK begins to issue its own sanctions, our panel explores what this divergence might mean, the evolving landscape of terrorism finance and sanctions evasion and why a hands-off approach to terrorism financing just isn’t good enough.

  • Graham Barrow, Director, Dark Money Files
  • Dr Martin Navias, Senior Visiting Research Fellow, Centre for Defence Studies
  • Neil Whiley, Director, Sanctions, UK Finance
  • Florence Keen, Research Fellow, International Centre for the Study of Radicalisation

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50 Mins: The Importance of Complete Digital Onboarding

Billions of transactions around the globe require monitoring every year making customer onboarding a significant task. We explore ways to reduce the workload and ensure a frictionless customer experience.

    • David Birch, Principal, 15Mb Ltd
    • Charles Delingpole, Founder & CEO, ComplyAdvantage
    • Husayn Kassai, CEO, Onfido
    • Jane Jee, CEO, Kompli-Global

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50 Mins: Fintechs: Paving the Future of AML?

Fintechs are no longer a new concept. Covering a wide range of segments, fintechs have been disrupting everything from banking to payments to lending and beyond. Utilizing new technology, implementing new business models, and growing at lightning speed, fintechs are putting risk and compliance tools and processes to the test. Are fintechs paving the future of AML? In our panel, we discuss the challenges that fintechs have overcome, the developing risks, and advice for compliance officers as their organization moves through different growth stages.

  • Charles Delingpole, Founder and CEO, ComplyAdvantage (Chair)
  • Adam Fear, Senior Compliance Manager, Affirm
  • Sarah Elliott, General Counsel & CCO, One Financial
  • Peter Singer, (Former) Head of Regulatory Compliance, US, Revolut

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50 Mins: Financial Crime Against Older Adults

Elder Financial Exploitation (EFE) is widespread and damaging. Defined as the illegal or improper use of funds or assets, financial institutions and AML/BSA officers play a critical role in detecting and preventing EFE. Join us as our panel of experts dive into the world of financial exploitation and break down trends, tools, and how your financial institution can take steps to identify this crime.

  • Naomi Karp, Consulting Research Scholar, Stanford Center, AARP (Moderator)
  • Liz Loewy, COO, Eversafe
  • Ron Long, Director of Elder Client Initiatives, Wells Fargo
  • Theodora Lau, Founder, Uncommon Ventures

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50 Mins: Leaks & Public Pressure: Catalysts for Change?

Over the past few years, Financial Institutions and Regulators have had their fair share of press coverage. From the Panama Papers to the Troika Laundromat to the FinCEN Files, journalists have written hundreds of stories related to sanctions, compliance failures, corruption, money laundering, and regulations. Off the back of the latest press, our panel discusses the root causes of compliance issues, their views on regulations, and their outlook for 2021 and beyond.

  • Brandi Reynolds, Founder & CEO, CorCom
  • Sid Valluri, (Former) Chief Compliance Officer, OANDA
  • Kenneth Freije, Cofounder, Revenext Corp & Chief Risk Officer, Flexible Finance Inc.
  • Amber de Volk, Chief Compliance Officer, Behalf

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