De-risking Transaction Monitoring: Reacting to Changing Behaviors

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De-risking Transaction Monitoring: Reacting to Changing Behaviors

Transaction Monitoring is a careful balancing act between regulatory and operational requirements. Rarely an easy task.
As global events significantly change the behaviors of criminals and legitimate consumers alike, is your business’ Transaction Risk Management framework agile and configurable enough to stay up to the task?
Join us as we collaborate with FINTRAIL, the global financial crime consultancy, to discuss the importance of effective compliance.
This Free Webinar will:

  • Discuss best practice approaches and common monitoring pitfalls and rules-traps
  • Address ways to monitor changes in predicate offences, such as authorized push payment fraud and to detect money mules quickly and efficiently.
  • Highlight the importance of embracing modern technologies such as cloud-based solutions and flexible, data-agnostic systems.

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Gemma Rogers, Co-founder, FINTRAIL