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Effective Compliance: Closing the Gaps with Technology

Bad actors are constantly innovating, collaborating and using the latest technologies to exploit every vulnerability in the global compliance network.

As the world changes around us, compliance professionals need to be taking advantage of the tools available to them. Otherwise they’ll find that a failure to modernize is a victory for the criminals.

Join us as we talk to Samantha Sheen, Founder, Ex Ante Advisory and former AML Director, ACAMS Europe to discuss the critical importance of strong adverse media screening and monitoring and why keywords aren’t enough.

This webinar will address:

  • How Adverse Media Screening and Monitoring can help you identify fraud and money laundering faster

  • The size of the gaps having an impact on effective compliance

  • Notable examples of criminals taking advantage of these missteps

  • How technologies such as machine learning and Natural Language Processing might be able to help

This webinar has now concluded.

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Samantha Sheen, Founder, Ex Ante Advisory

Sam is a financial crime prevention professional with over 15 years of practical experience in compliance. Sam holds a number of qualifications and is recognised as a subject matter expert in the field of financial crime regulation.

Sam’s previous work experience includes working as, MLRO, Data Protection Officer and CCO and Group Head of AML for various financial institutions, both offshore and in Europe. Sam also worked offshore the first legal counsel to the financial regulator in Guernsey and subsequently set up the financial crime division, overseeing the examination of a variety of financial institutions.

She has worked over the last few years on the analysis, interpretation and operationalisation of the 4 and 5AMLD requirements. Sam also chaired a series of working groups in Europe on the 5AMLD amendments and delivered feedback to a European Banking regulator on areas requiring operational clarification.

Sam has most recently been involved in projects related to FinTech businesses and the use of RegTech to mitigate financial crime. She most recently worked with ACAMS Europe as its AML Director, where she’s recognised as a subject matter expert and co-authored online certificate courses including AML for FinTechs and how GDPR privacy obligations can be operationalised alongside 4AMLD requirements. Originally from Canada, Sam holds several degrees including a Masters in Business, specialising in risk management. For fun, she recently completed a diploma on data analytics with the London School of Economics.