In Conversation with Curve

Complimentary Webinar:

As the Wirecard scandal unfolded and it became international news that a previously legitimate and well-respected company had lost, or never had, €1.9 billion, many companies who relied on that service suddenly found themselves out in the cold.
Curve was one such company who relied on Wirecard’s e-money services and through no fault of their own, woke up on a sunny Friday morning to find the FCA had turned off the tap.
Join Toby Fischer, Account Manager at ComplyAdvantage and Matthew Phillips, VP, Business Development, Curve, as they discuss turning the business’s worst nightmare into a success story for consumers, the vital role of innovative technologies and how remaining agile has helped them rapidly scale.
This Webinar will discuss:
  • Compliance as an enabler of healthy business
  • How financial crime landscape is changing
  • Advice for business-facing similar challenges



Thursday, 23 July 2020


11:30 AM BST


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Matthew Phillips, VP of Business Development, Curve

Matthew has over 14 years of commercial experience and currently leads commercial partnerships and business development across all business and consumer channels at Curve. He previously spent 8 years running the global commercial business for Quintessentially, building up commercial operations across 65 markets worldwide, whilst working with brands including MasterCard, American Express, Visa, Ferrari, and Gucci.