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Robust AML Processes to Uncover Hidden Risks

Land-based gaming and gambling companies, such as casinos, were historically known as being vehicles for money laundering of all kinds and funding of illicit activity. The industry has been under increased scrutiny in the last 5-10 years, for having insufficient money laundering processes. Gaming and gambling has changed in the last years, mostly shifting to online, with online slot machines, casino games and sports betting becoming increasingly popular. 
This shift has meant that gambling and gaming platforms can be accessed internationally, and payments and withdrawals can be processed at a much faster rate.In addition, there is a perception by many that the industry is lacking in regulatory pressure, which makes it a particularly attractive route for money laundering and terrorist financing. 
Recent regulations enforced by UKGC, SGA, MGA and other regulators now require companies to have appropriate AML processes in place to check if higher-risk players are sanctioned entities or politically Exposed Persons (PEPs), as well as enhanced supervision to detect unusual withdrawals.
Our solutions help to ensure that honest players can easily access your services and that robust barriers are put in place for high-risk entities who seek to misuse these platforms.

Screening and Monitoring

Real-time Screening for Faster Onboarding & Monitoring

  • Screen players in real-time against the largest global dynamic database of Sanctions, Watchlists, domestic and international PEPs and Adverse Media Information.
  • Automate your risk-based approach to minimize unnecessary client disruption, e.g. gradually increasing the depth of checks as the risk level increases.
  • Automated screening for risks will allow faster onboarding to prevent you from losing a client to a competitor.
  • Ongoing monitoring of high-risk clients, and/or seamless re-checking on withdrawals. 
  • The ComplyAdvantage 2-way API will enable you to instantly screen new players, so their deposit can be made and betting instincts are satisfied.
  • Reduce manual effort and cost associated with onboarding new customers thanks to reduced false positives.

Ongoing Monitoring of Suspicious or Irresponsible Activity

  • Quickly identify suspicious gaming and gambling patterns, like when players go above their thresholds or when early withdrawals are made.
  • Our 2-way API to receive alerts in real-time when suspicious activity is detected.
  • Increase customer lifetime value by monitoring entities more closely and by providing more support to your customers when needed.

Identify risks before they become threats
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