Our solutions for the Insurance sector

Gain a granular view of risk throughout the customer lifecycle.

Automation of AML processes will allow compliance teams to uncover fraudsters and keep up with constantly evolving regulatory requirements.
Our solutions enable our insurance companies to comply with regulatory expectations and deal with suspicious entities and activities in real-time.

Screening & Monitoring

Optimise your workflows using customizable Screening and Monitoring

  • Screen with confidence against sanctions lists, watchlists and PEPs to detect fraud on claims and to check claim payments before processing them.
  • Automate online quote to bind application processes.
  • Quickly identify regulatory and fraud risks using Adverse Media ahead of the underwriting process in more complex policies or at claim stage.
  • Our intuitive User-Interface allows insurers, reinsurers, brokers and underwriters to optimise their workflows as their business scales.
  • Easily integrate our solutions within your tech stack using a 2-way API.

Adverse Media

Deep-drive into your client risk profile to identify fraud and propensity to fraud

  • Utilize machine-learning technology that analyzes millions of articles a month and rapidly locates the risk in the noise.
  • Spot changes in risk status to safeguard your reputation and protect your business from defrauding.
  • All known relevant risk data on an entity is compiled into one comprehensive profile, enhanced with rich, contextual information.
  • All the profiles in our database are accurately labeled with FATF aligned categorization.
  • False positives are then significantly decreased by allowing screening against only the categories relevant to your business.

Transaction Monitoring

Prevent any suspicious activity from slipping through the net

  • Monitor movements in and out of the life insurance policies in real-time.
  • Leverage industry-specific rules, our recommended rules or use your own, all tailored to your risk-based approach.
  • Review activity and meet the requirements of regulators and auditors with a user-friendly interface and electronic audit trail.

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