Our solutions for the Investment Industry

Deep-dive into your client’s profile to spot risks before they become threats.

However, many firms do not have enough adequate information about the associated risks of their affiliated entities, which leads to slower onboarding time, higher costs, potential reputational risk and a negative customer experience.

Our solutions enable our clients in the investment industry to leverage the latest technology to achieve a more effective and streamlined approach to their processes and regulation.

Screening & Monitoring

Onboard customers quickly, safely and cost-effectively

  • Screen in real-time against genuine Adverse Media to view the level of political exposure and source of wealth, as well as against Sanctions lists and Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs).
  • Improve costs of onboarding and overall customer experience through the reduction of alerts and false positives.

Adverse Media

Identify the potential unknown risk for your business and safeguard your reputation

  • Understand any potential risks of your client and their background at onboarding using Adverse Media.
  • Identify Adverse Media in the native tongue and automatically match it to the entity, enabling you to monitor changes in risk with speed and accuracy.
  • Reduce the noise so that your analysts can spend their efforts focusing on the risks that matter to your business.
  • Our 2-way RESTFulAPI sends automatic alerts notifying you if there is a change in risk status of one of your clients, so your team can act fast to protect your business and safeguard your reputation. 

Streamline your operational processes and reduce overhead costs

  • Spot red flags earlier to avoid incurring high additional costs. 
  • Seamlessly integrate our solutions with your customer lifecycle management (CLM) software.
  • Our Easy-to-use User Interface consolidates all insights into a single customer profile.
  • Our high-quality data, automated solutions and low false-positive rate enables investment firms to reduce the workload of remediating alerts.

Identify risks before they become threats.
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