Our solutions for the Lending Industry

Identify Risks in Real-Time and Onboard Clients Faster

Whether you are a single or multi-product lender, it is essential to have a robust risk-based approach paired with intelligent AML solutions when onboarding new customers, and monitoring loans – allowing you to quickly identify risks and fraudulent behaviour.
Our solutions enable our clients in the lending industry to leverage the latest technology to achieve a more effective and streamlined approach to their processes and regulation.

Screening and Monitoring

Make quicker decisions on potential loans

  • Screen with confidence against sanctions lists, watchlists and PEPs to detect fraud on claims and to check claim payments before processing them.
  • Our database has a FATF aligned taxonomy which enables lenders to tailor alerts to their risk-based approach, reducing false positives and speeding up customer onboarding cycles.
  • Avoid ‘over screening’ at onboarding and boost customer satisfaction, by tailoring your screening according to various parameters such as types of loans, customers or country.
  • Reduce manual workload by automating the onboarding of new entities and screening of your current clients requesting loans in real-time.

Stay on top of changes in risk status as they happen

  • Receive automated proactive alerts when changes in status are made, all tailored to your risk-based approach.
  • Easily whitelist clients that don’t pose a risk to your business to significantly reduce false positives at onboarding and during ongoing monitoring.
  • Get automatic date and time stamps that correspond to user actions, creating an electronic audit trail that meets the requirements of regulators and auditors.

Adverse Media Monitoring

Get deeper insight into the fraud & reputational risk of the person / company you’re dealing with

  • Cut through the noise and focus on the most critical information only, when underwriting loans.
  • Identify potential high-risk entities, such as known fraudsters who have engaged in money laundering or have filed false loan applications in the past.
  • All information is consolidated into single customer profiles allowing compliance teams to gain deeper insight into their customer and clearly visualize associated risks.

Transaction Monitoring

Identify patterns of loan funding and settlement in real-time

  • Leverage industry-specific rules, our recommended rules or use your own, all tailored to your risk-based approach.
  • Monitor the volume of loan repayments or frequency thereof that exceeds what a client should be capable of within the easy-to-use interface or via seamless API integration.

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