A Guide to Anti-Money Laundering for Crypto Firms

Webinar: AML for Remittance and Cross-Border Payments

AML for Remittance and Cross-Border Payments Webinar

As financial crime typologies, payments use cases, and regulatory technologies evolve, how should compliance teams in remittance and cross-border payment firms build and scale their anti-money laundering (AML) programs? That’s the question we’ll seek to answer in this webinar, navigating topics including:

  • The evolving regulatory landscape – How are EU and UK regulators’ expectations changing?
  • Financial crime threats and trends – What emerging typologies and risks should cross-border payments and remittance firms screen for?
  • Investment in RegTech – How should firms transition from legacy technologies, and how should they assess the benefits of new RegTech solutions? What role can AI play in building an advanced financial crime-fighting operation?

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Tadas Cilcius
Risk Consultant, Robust Risk
Andrew Brown, FICA
Director, VLB Consultancy & Advisory Board Member, ComplyAdvantage
Maja Chaińska
Head of Compliance, Azimo
Denisse Rudich
CCO, Elementary B