State of Financial Crime 2023 Report

Webinar: Crypto AML Regulation - Where Are We Now?

Crypto AML Regulation: Where Are We Now?

From the Lummis-Gillibrand Bill in the United States to the EU’s MiCA framework & “new” 6AMLD, 2022 has delivered a flurry of new cryptocurrency regulatory frameworks. It can be challenging for compliance teams to keep up with the pace of change and to get beyond the noise to understand what actionable steps they should take.

In this session, we’ll aim to do just that. In addition to reviewing the top regulatory developments this year, we’ll look at the emerging global regulatory picture. How much arbitrage is coming, and how can firms navigate it to operate successfully at a global level?

We will also dive into core crypto regulatory issues around licensing and registration. What can firms do to ensure they’re able to receive – and maintain – the licenses they need to do business?

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Note this is the first session in our multi-part webinar series as we explore hot topics across the crypto space.

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Liat Shetret
Director of Global Policy & Regulation, Elliptic
Paul Munson
Head of Financial Crime at Shares, ex-Head of Compliance, Solidi & FinCrime specialist at the FCA & Serious Fraud Office
Charles Kerrigan
Partner at CMS, Practice Lead for Digital Assets & Blockchain