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A Guide to KYC Solution Providers – Celent 2020

KYC/KYB Reports

A Guide to KYC Solution Providers
Celent 2020 – Analyst Report

Know Your Customer (KYC) compliance is attracting increasing scrutiny from regulators, making it one of the most complex and fast-growing fields in the AML compliance value chain. This report profiles and evaluates 14 leading solutions, taking into account various elements of the KYC process, including onboarding and customer due diligence, watchlist screening, and customer review.

This report covers the:

  • Functionality and features used as evaluation criteria
  • Relative positions of each solution
  • XCelent Awards
  • Overall functionality
  • Customer Feedback

This is an authorized excerpt from a Celent report profiling Know Your Customer system vendors. The reprint was prepared for ComplyAdvantage.

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