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ComplyLaunch Customer Spotlight: tokenstreet

Access to private market investment opportunities and their lucrative return profiles was historically only granted to institutional and accredited investors. Perceived to possess sophisticated market understanding and risk management expertise, high-net-worth investors have generally had a leg up on private investors. Higher levels of accessibility have allowed further diversification of their portfolios. 

tokenstreet is a new German startup focused on democratizing the private market by providing access to first-class investments for everyone. We caught up with co-founder Lenny-Campino Hartmann to find out more. 

Tell us about tokenstreet?

“tokenstreet enables everyone to invest indirectly in Venture Capital and Private Equity funds and benefit from successful asset managers – only up from 100€.”

Why did you start tokenstreet?

“The return potential on the public market is becoming more limited for retail investors due to the public to private market shift – but at the same time, they also have no opportunity to participate in the private market in order to still achieve attractive returns and accumulate long-term wealth.

“We believe it is important to counteract this movement in order to ensure portfolio diversification and sustainable wealth creation for the retail investor, which is why we strive for the democratization of private markets.”

How did you discover this problem?

“We found out that high-net-worth individuals and institutional investors invest a high portion of their portfolio into alternative asset classes such as VC or PE to which retail investors have no access yet which results in fewer returns and less diversification of their portfolio. 

“The minimum investment amount to get into a Top-Tier Venture Capital fund is unreachable for a retail investor and therefore we decided to build a solution that enables retail investors to access those exclusive asset classes with a much lower entry barrier.

“Our goal is to create a level playing field in the capital market by providing easy, transparent (indirect) access to venture capital & private equity – starting from 100€.”

What do you love most about building tokenstreet?

“With tokenstreet, we are building a product that does not yet exist on the market. This means that we have new challenges every day that no one has solved before us and to which we have to find an answer, no matter what. 

“This untrodden path, which we are allowed to walk together as a team with all its ups and downs, and stones on the way is probably what I have learned to love the most next to building something I absolutely wish to use myself.”

What’s your proudest achievement thus far?

“When we started tokenstreet, we were 4 founders in our early 20s with a goal but few resources. We now have an ecosystem of shareholders, partners, advisors, and supporters who are absolute experts in private equity, venture capital, and private banking. To see together we can now lay the foundation for a new era of retail investment business is incredible.”

What’s next for tokenstreet?

“We are currently in the last steps of product development as well as legal and regulatory alignment and looking forward to launching our product.”

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Originally published July 18, 2022, updated August 2, 2022

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