State of Financial Crime 2023 Report

Finiata significantly reduced manual workload and time spent managing alerts.

Transaction Monitoring Lending Customer Stories

The Company

Finiata is a fast-growing company offering an automated and flexible credit solution to small businesses in Europe. The company, which was founded in 2016, is funded by top European investors and is spread across three offices in Berlin, Warsaw, and Ukraine. Their vision is to provide every small business owner with simple tools to easily manage their company’s financial performance and act on the earliest of warning signs.

Industry: Lending
Product: Customer Screening

Using ComplyAdvantage as our AML data provider has enabled automation and significantly reduced manual workload and time spent managing alerts.

— Paulo Andrade, Senior Product Manager, Finiata

The Outcome

The speed and ease of integration allowed Finiata to start managing their risks more quickly and efficiently. The company operates in a space where a high degree of automation is necessary, not only to provide a superior user experience but also to further drive profitability where margins per customer are tight.

Finiata’s compliance team saw their manual workload reduced, which enabled them to focus their time and effort on other aspects of the business that ensure business continuity. In addition, a low rate of false positives means that Finiata can confidently mitigate risk, quickly identify potential fraudsters, and continue providing a seamless experience to their clients.

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