The Evolving Use of Sanctions

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A look at the newest trends and updates from key sanction regimes around the world.

The shifting world of sanctions has been a common theme in several of our most recent reports, with the last few years being no exception. This time has been marked by significant fluidity for sanctions regimes, driven by a tumultuous period of geopolitics.

This report takes a look at the evolution of the current international sanctions environment, and the key issues in sanctions today: the key regimes, underlying geopolitical risks, sanctions evasion, and the development of national policy in some of the key regimes. national perspectives, and thematic trends.Access our report covering the sanctions tips and trends you need to know, including:

  • Key Concepts: All the facts on sanctions, including distinctions between and uses of primary and secondary sanctions.
  • Geopolitical Hotspots: What regions around the world are most heavily targeted by sanctions, and why
  • Sanction Related Crime: Common themes and methods that recur across different situations, and which ones businesses should be aware of
  • Key Regime Trends: Influence between regimes, depth of sanctions on others, and how COVID-19 has influenced policy

The sanctions risks are real, but firms are better placed to tackle them than ever before.

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