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‘Goldman Sachs wants to work with us to eliminate financial crime around the world’ - Q&A with Charles Delingpole

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On May 20th, we announced an investment by Goldman Sachs Growth Equity in ComplyAdvantage, which extends our oversubscribed Series C funding round to $70 million. We’re delighted that Goldman Sachs is joining our growing list of world-class investors, including the Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan Board, Index Ventures, and Balderton Capital. 

We spoke to Charles Delingpole, founder and CEO of ComplyAdvantage, to explore what the Series C extension means for our business, customers, and the fight against financial crime. 


In a sentence, tell us what ComplyAdvantage does.

ComplyAdvantage is the leader in AI-driven financial crime risk data and detection technology, using the world’s only dynamic global risk database of people and companies. 

Why did Goldman Sachs invest in ComplyAdvantage? 

Goldman Sachs shares our diagnosis that tackling financial crime requires AI-driven solutions like those we are providing to more than 500 enterprises in 75 countries already.

Our customer base also includes companies in the Goldman Sachs growth portfolio, which means they’ve seen first-hand how our products can detect money-laundering and related financial crimes, keep compliance teams well informed of rapid regulatory changes, all while reducing operational costs. 

Why are you excited about this investment?

Goldman Sachs is a leading global financial institution, so our partnership represents a fantastic endorsement of our brand. 

I’m looking forward to deepening our relationship with Goldman Sachs and its network, so we can help more companies deliver both growth and business integrity. A core part of our mission is ensuring customers don’t have to choose between the two. 

How will this investment be used?

As our company continues to grow, it’s getting bigger and more complex. That means we need to hire more world class talent capable of managing and scaling our world class software and data.

We’ve made a number of critical executive hires recently, so we’ll be looking to build on this momentum globally at all levels. We’re working to find leaders in their field who can work quickly and independently to build our products and support customers.

One example of this is our plan to hire another 80 engineers in the next 9 months. Ensuring our technology remains at the cutting edge of risk detection requires a sustained, relentless focus on our engineering and product capabilities. 

Why are the solutions ComplyAdvantage offers the future of financial crime and risk detection?

Our hyper-scale anti-money laundering and risk detection solutions do more than just deter financial crime. We’re proud to champion innovation in financial services because it is critical to massive business transformation.

As a result, we see our products helping customers achieve 3 key things: 

  • Future proof their operations: Our data is always current, so our customers can access the latest risk and financial crime insights.
  • Scale with integrity: Reducing manual effort and obtaining accurate results faster means lower costs.
  • Drive limitless growth: Disruption and opportunity don’t have to be constraints. We help our customers to drive limitless growth by leading from the front. 

Finally, what message do you have for prospective customers and employees who want to get in touch?

Please reach out! We’d love to start a conversation with you. Here’s how: 

Originally published May 25, 2021, updated November 30, 2021

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