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We help institutions across the payment sector:



Remittance &
FX Brokers

Virtual Currencies
Exchanges & Bitcoin

Payment processors,
Aggregators, Acquirers
& Gateways


Non-bank credit card insurers + e-wallets

Transform your onboarding proposition by adopting an automated AML screening and monitoring solution.


Avoid ‘over screening’ and boost customer satisfaction, by tailoring your search profile to your risk-based approach.


Stay on top of changes in risk status as they happen by using a 2-way RESTful API with continual monitoring and proactive alerts.

Reduced false positives

Only by utilizing a real-time risk database with tailored matching and monitoring technology can you reduce your false positive hit rate.

Connected workflows

Enhance your operational ROI through seamless integration of AML checks into your onboarding workflows.

Detailed Audit Trail

Automatic date and time stamps that correspond to user actions create an electronic audit trail that meets the requirements of regulators, banking partners and auditors.

The only real-time risk database in the world.

sanctions & watchlists
politically exposed persons
adverse information & media

With the ability to integrate in hours, not days

Our APIs easily integrate into your current workflow. With an average uptime of 99.9% and our ISO27001 certification, you can screen with ease of mind. Discover our two-way RESTful APIs.

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“Adverse Media is a
Competitive Advantage”

Santander reduced the cycle time of applying for an
account to opening it from 12 days to just 2. Resulting in
an 80% reduction in effort for employees and freeing up
time to better serve customers.

Not only are all compliance concerns ably addressed, it has vastly improved the customer experience. Customers are onboarded and funds cleared in minutes, with customer satisfaction and feedback much improved.

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