Webinar: Reducing Risk in Adverse Information and Media with Machine Learning

Key takeaways:

  • Identifying the adverse news in the noise
  • How machine learning reduces workloads
  • The results of a machine learning approach
  • Practical case studies using world-famous examples of adverse media

Blake Cuningham

As AIM Insight Product Manager, Blake is responsible for deploying state of the art technology in media collection, entity extraction and classification, and entity resolution.

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14th November 2019

New York

20th November 2019


26th November 2019

Configuring a Transaction Monitoring solution to balance regulatory and operational requirements is not an easy task. Heavy fines, low customer satisfaction, high operational costs, reputational damage and regulatory investigation are all potential consequences of getting it wrong – clearly illustrated by recent incidents at Revolut and N26.

How can you effectively monitor suspicious activity whilst minimizing low-value alerts?

Could your business have a better approach to ongoing monitoring and configuring new rules?

Has your system been built to scale with your growth? What’s your industry standard for risk?