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Compliance So Far In 2020

A lot’s happened in three short months, so we thought we’d take a look at what’s happened in compliance and how it aligns with our report on 2020.


The Impact of COVID-19 on SME Lending

A record-breaking amount of money is being made available to businesses due to the pandemic, what matters is making sure its distributed legitimately.

eu money laundering directive
Knowledgebase Article

EU Money Laundering Directive Summary

EU money laundering directives are issued periodically by the European Parliament to be implemented by member states as part of domestic legislation.


AIM Fraud Free 3 Months Access

We are offering 3 months free access to our Fraud Adverse Media to help businesses identify fraud and propensity to defraud quickly


Changing Compliance Culture - Moving Towards an Outcomes-Based Approach

Is it time for compliance culture to shift entirely? Would a move to an outcomes-based approach be more effective than a risk-based approach?


Coronavirus-focused Financial Crime

Financial crime is on the rise in the face of the coronavirus. Reports of fraud and phishing attacks are increasing and other financial crimes too


Baltic Breaches Result in $386 Million Fine

Singapore and Australia form a stronger relationship, Swedbank gets hit with maybe the first fine of many and a woman from New York tries to support ISIS.

corona virus transaction monitoring
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Coronavirus and Transaction Monitoring

Coronavirus has caused widespread disruption to global financial markets along with new opportunities for criminals to generate and launder illegal funds.

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