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Financial Crime Units

Financial crime units are established by (or work on behalf of) financial institutions as a dedicated resource to help fight financial crime.


8 Billion Reasons to Comply

It’s a strong start to 2020 for Sudan, 2019 gives you 8 billion reasons to comply this year and Isabel dos Santos is feeling the chill.

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Vendor Due Diligence

Vendor due diligence is conducted by a target business prior to its sale or partnership to ensure that businesses are being truthful.


Social Media Platforms and Their Influence on Terrorist Financing

Social media has become one of the most powerful drivers for terrorist funding, and it's set to stay that way.


ComplyAdvantage Roundtable

ComplyAdvantage, along with various experts in the field, addressed the vital role that digital transformation will play in preventing money laundering.

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FATF Travel Rule

The FATF Travel Rule will help AML efforts by enhancing the audit trail when virtual assets are transferred between entities.

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De-Risking And AML

De-risking is a strategy firms use when they cannot justify the AML compliance costs of entering a high-risk business relationship.


What's Ghosn On?

Jho Low speaks publicly for the first time in four years, Ghosn gives an intriguing speech and 5AMLD guidance is a long way off.


The Impact of 5AMLD

5AMLD is just around the corner and it’s targeting a great number of issues. We take a quick look at some of the key changes 5AMLD will bring.

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