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Sanctions, Crackdowns and Revelations

Wirecard has further revelations, Singapore cracks down on payment licenses, the IRS funds the dead and the US has sanctioned China.


How COVID-19 Changed the Future of Compliance

COVID-19 brought social distancing and lockdowns, changing how we use money. Compliance officers need to adapt to how money movement has changed as a result


De-risking Transaction Monitoring: Reacting to Changing Behaviors

Transaction Monitoring is a careful balancing act between regulatory and operational requirements. Rarely an easy task. Join us to find out more.


Effective Compliance: Closing the Gaps with Technology

Bad actors are constantly innovating, collaborating and using the latest technologies to exploit every vulnerability in the global compliance network.


Press Landing

Read about the waves we're making in the press.

aml compliance challenges for banks
Knowledgebase Article

AML Compliance Checklist for Banks

An effective AML compliance checklist for banks should help banks build an effective AML infrastructure and manage daily AML risks.


In Conversation with Curve

Screening against suspicious activity is a constant balance between keeping pace with the bad actors and reducing labour-intensive false positives.


5AMLD for Fintechs and Banks: From Theory to Practice

5AMLD - We examine the theory behind the directive, what the legislation has looked like in practice and the realities for firms undergoing implementation.


Wirecard Unravels Thanks to Missing Money

Wirecard’s missing money story unravels, the SFC is issuing penalties, the DEA made some serious mistakes and PEPs in Zimbabwe seem to be misbehaving.

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