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When you have the most accurate database of
adverse information and media entities in the world,
there’s no need to check anywhere else.

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Customer Onboarding


Live Profiles


False Positives


API Integration

“Adverse Media is a
Competitive Advantage”

Santander reduced the cycle time of applying for an account to opening it from 12 days to just 2. Resulting in an 80% reduction in effort for employees and freeing up time to better serve customers.

Stay ahead with
machine learning

Don’t waste time and money working with the wrong tools. We are at the cutting edge of machine learning classification, collating all adverse information and media you need into comprehensive, structured profiles.

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Cut through
the noise

All the profiles in our data are accurately labeled with FATF aligned categorization to speed up customer onboarding cycles and reduce false positives.

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Reduce the pain of ongoing monitoring

Be alert to changes in customer and organization risk status with automated adverse information & media monitoring. AIM Insight is an enterprise-level solution with a powerful API and audibility.

API Reference

AIM Insight

Find out how we approach analyzing billions of pages for adverse information and media on your customers

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Do You Trust Your Monitoring System?

Search Engines
Comply Advantage

Risk articles

Alerts only on negative news

Natural Language Processing
& Machine Learning categorization

Reputable sources only

Automated monitoring

Control on monitoring

Entity-based alerts

Structured profiles

FATF aligned

Clear audit trail

Risk management can’t be holistic if it’s limited to isolated silos in your company.

Integrate our Sanction, Watchlist and PEP data to your KYC

workflow and gain a more accurate profile of risk

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aim insight adverse media
aim insight adverse media
aim insight adverse media

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