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Launching AI-driven Fraud Detection

Knowledge & Training

Many firms believe risk-based transaction monitoring means stricter rules, more alerts  – and more costs. Yet is this really true, or could this approach be costing firms in unexpected ways? At ComplyAdvantage, our implementation and customer success teams support our […]

From COVID-19 to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, global events are significantly changing the behavior of criminals and legitimate customers alike. In turn, these changes have impacted firms’ transaction risk management frameworks. In an interview with global financial crime consultancy […]

Adverse media screening has become essential in identifying potential customer risks as companies strive to protect their assets, reputations, and stakeholders. While the importance of negative news screening is widely recognized, implementing an effective and comprehensive screening process remains complex […]

76 percent of firms say complicated and lengthy processes lead them to give up onboarding a financial service or product. This infographic explores three ways firms can improve their KYB processes to deliver a better customer experience and reduce onboarding times.

Automated sanctions screening is a crucial process used by financial institutions (FIs) and organizations to identify individuals, entities, and transactions that may be subject to economic sanctions or restrictions imposed by governments or international bodies. It involves the use of […]

Since 2017, many US financial institutions (FIs) have relied on the Automated Clearing House (ACH) or The Clearing House (TCH) Real-Time Payment Network rails for their payment transactions. However, given that TCH is privately held by some of the world’s […]

Firms typically focus on improving their fraud prevention and detection measures to mitigate risk and reduce financial losses. But what is fraud prevention, and how does it differ from fraud detection? Are the two functions completely separate? Most importantly, what […]

Due to economic pressures, businesses have undergone both external and internal changes that can make them susceptible to exploitation. The numbers are evidence of this, as the total amount of global payment fraud losses for 2021 reached a staggering $41 […]

Over 50 percent of companies disclosed they were victims of fraud between 2020 and 2022, according to PwC’s Global Economic Crime and Fraud Survey 2022. This is the highest percentage of fraud seen in the last two decades of research […]

During seasons of economic volatility, businesses have historically faced numerous enhanced risks to their operations, such as supply chain disruption, staff retention, and cyber threats. In 2023, this has led to an increase in fraudulent activities as fraudsters use advanced […]