A Guide to Anti-Money Laundering for Crypto Firms

Financial Crime

On August 16th, former U.S. Rep. Terrence John Cox was federally indicted on 28 charges, including wire fraud, campaign contribution fraud, and money laundering. The unsealed indictment describes schemes carried out between 2013 and 2019. Cox purportedly diverted payments, investments, […]

Three Nigerian nationals have been extradited from the UK to the US following their alleged participation in multimillion-dollar cyber-enabled business email compromise (BEC) fraud schemes. The scams allegedly perpetrated by the defendants and their co-conspirators targeted unsuspecting victims, including universities […]

Through money laundering, criminals fund and profit from illicit activity such as arms sales, narcotics, human trafficking, contraband smuggling, embezzlement, insider trading, bribery, and fraud schemes. In addition to organized criminal groups, professional money launderers perform money laundering services on […]

The non-fungible token (NFTs) sector is in a state of flux. Reuters estimates that sales of NFTs reached around $25bn in 2021, and individual items have sold for as much as $90m. But high-profile scams in 2022, such as a […]

There are various definitions of payment fraud, but simply put, it describes an illegal transaction that diverts money or creates false/unauthorized payments from a victim. This is often achieved by stealing their personal payment information or duping them into sharing […]

An internationally coordinated operation has seen the US place sanctions on notorious Irish organized crime group Kinahan, key members of its controlling family, associates, and associated businesses. A $5m reward for information leading to the arrest or conviction of gang […]

The USAA Federal Savings Bank (USAA FSB) has been fined $140m after admitting that despite repeated warnings, it willfully failed to implement and maintain an anti‑money laundering (AML) program that met the minimum requirements of the US Bank Secrecy Act […]

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Money laundering underpins most forms of organized crime by disguising illicitly-obtained financial assets as “clean” and allowing nefarious groups or individuals to profit from illegal activity. While the amount of money laundered globally in one year is estimated to equal […]