The State of Financial Crime 2022 - Read our global compliance survey


The State of Financial Crime 2022

This annual report, based on a global survey of 800 compliance professionals across North America, Europe and Asia Pacific explores some of the biggest financial crime challenges firms are facing.

Explore the latest sanctions on Russia

In this dashboard, we’ve compiled all new data we’ve relating to sanctions designations since the invasion. By sharing these visualizations publicly, we hope to make the insights we have compiled as accessible as possible.

The Evolving Use of Sanctions

This report takes a look at the evolution of the current international sanctions environment, and the key issues in sanctions today: the key regimes, underlying geopolitical risks, sanctions evasion, and the development of national policy in some of the key regimes, national perspectives, and thematic trends.

Anti-Money Laundering Essentials for Startups

For many early-stage, fast-growing fintechs, implementing anti-money laundering compliance tools and processes can be a challenge. This guide is designed to provide startups with practical tips to enable them to build a compliance function that can scale with their businesses.

UK Announces Plan to Adopt Stablecoins as Valid Form of Payment

Russian Tech Companies Targeted as US Cracks Down on Sanctions Evasion

The Department of the Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) has designated 21 entities and 13 individuals as part of a crackdown on Kremlin illicit procurement networks and tech companies who are helping fuel the conflict in Ukraine by evading US sanctions.  With this latest batch of designations, OFAC is now focusing on the […]