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The State of Financial Crime 2024: Download our latest research


In the past, businesses created in the United States were not obliged to publicly disclose or maintain a record of the names of their shareholders or ultimate beneficial owners (UBOs). This lack of transparency meant it was possible for anonymous […]

76 percent of firms say complicated and lengthy processes lead them to give up onboarding a financial service or product. This infographic explores three ways firms can improve their KYB processes to deliver a better customer experience and reduce onboarding times.

The Know Your Customer (KYC) and Know Your Business (KYB) processes are common regulatory requirements for financial institutions (FIs) that require them to establish who their customers are and understand what kind of financial activity they are involved in. Both […]

In 2022, research by customer experience management platform OvationCXM found that 76 percent of businesses have given up while onboarding a financial product or service. Among the top frustrations cited included complicated processes, lengthy waiting times, and working with too […]

As firms grapple with adapting to volatile market conditions and economic uncertainties, staying ahead requires making informed decisions and partnering with the right vendors. This is especially true when it comes to Know Your Business (KYB) compliance. Despite small to […]

The Know Your Business (KYB) process refers to the due diligence measures performed by a firm to gain a comprehensive understanding of its corporate customers. The primary objective of the KYB process is to ensure organizations do not unwittingly enter […]

As corporate onboarding frustrations rise in a region where small-to-medium size enterprises make up 99 percent of all businesses, the need for robust Know Your Business (KYB) verification tools has become increasingly crucial for financial institutions (FIs). Several key factors […]