About Us

We are a team united by a single mission:
to solve financial crime


Why we started

ComplyAdvantage was born out of the frustration experienced by our founder while evaluating AML data providers. Despite trying tool after tool, Charles came across the same problems: they were difficult to integrate, hard-to-use, and provided too many ‘false-positive’ alerts.

Legacy solutions rely on manual labor to create and maintain data, limiting update frequency. Data can rapidly become obsolete, resulting in more false-positives and increased exposure to risk.

By distracting compliance professionals from stopping financial crime, false-positives facilitate human trafficking and terrorism.

The need to equip compliance professionals with effective financial crime-fighting tools led Charles to found ComplyAdvantage in 2014.

What we’ve done

We have automated AML data generation. This has been a challenging task – requiring a radically different technical architecture, cutting-edge artificial intelligence, and the work of hundreds of developers, data scientists, and financial crime professionals. Thanks to this investment in time and energy, we’ve cut down data update times from months to minutes.

This new approach has paid dividends. We have won multiple awards – including the XCelent Advanced Technology Award, LIBF Best Innovation For Corporate Onboarding with our client Santander, and the Sunday Times Tech Track Digital Innovation Award. We’ve also seen rapid growth – currently, we have over 500 customers across 75 countries and are regularly included in lists of fastest-growing fintechs/AI companies.

Where we’re going

While we’re proud of the success we’ve achieved up till now, we know there is still a lot of work to do. We’re as committed now as in 2014 to push the boundaries of financial crime-fighting technology.

We’re partnering with regulators around the globe and continually adding to our team.

Some of the world’s most well-known investors and industry experts are guiding us along this path. They’ve invested in household names like Dropbox, Slack, and Robinhood. They’ve also led successful companies, including Thomson Reuters and HSBC.

ComplyAdvantage is one of the most exciting companies currently being built in Europe’s burgeoning ‘fintech’ industry. This technology and the products it powers may be invisible, but their impact will be felt by all of us.

Suranga ChandratillakeGeneral Partner at Balderton Capital

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