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Early Stage Start-Ups

Get award-winning AML and KYC tools for free

We’re helping early-stage start-ups to achieve the highest compliance standards. Our ComplyLaunch™ program gives start-ups free access to our AML and KYC solutions. Spaces are limited.

Apply Today.

Value to the customers

Safeguard your business from the risks of financial crimes

Our database monitors sanctions, watchlists, AML, and KYC data for updates every 15 minutes.

Improve customer satisfaction

Take the friction and delay out of onboarding processes, without increasing your risk.

Automate manual compliance processes

Ensure your customer screening and transaction monitoring workflows can handle the huge volumes of relevant risk data, and can scale as your business grows.

Scale your operations with international standard data security

All our products are built for security and scale with RESTful API integration and an ISO 27001 certification.

Award-winning data

Screen 5000 names for sanctions, politically exposed persons (PEPs), and relatives and close associates.

Transaction monitoring

Seamless integration with your workflows

Our plug-and-play solutions are configurable and available in UI or API form, so they easily slot into your existing processes.

Structured profiles continuously updated

Automatic risk monitoring with alerts

Protect your business 24/7 with alerts if there are relevant changes in risk status. Integrate with a single API call.

Scale and security

Grow with confidence. All our products are built for scale and security, with RESTful APIs and ISO 27001 certification.

Who should apply?

ComplyLaunch™ is for:

Early-stage start-ups:

  • – With a website or web profile
  • – That have not previously worked with us

What Do ComplyLaunch Members Say?

“From the very start, we realised that this was amazing software. I love the design of the system; it is very easy to use and pleasant to work on.”
—Maria Varley,
Head of Client Onboarding (Lending), OakNorth Bank