Remediate matches with more confidence using additional information from our Adverse Media search tool.

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Customer Value

Assess potential risks with confidence

Use our additional information tools to review matches found by your existing screening provider. Remediate with confidence knowing access to our Adverse Media database will increase the likelihood of providing more accurate information on a high risk entity.

Accelerate onboarding times by conducting smart research

Simplify research and speed up onboarding times by using our customer name screening tool. Reduce staff workload and welcome clients with seamless onboarding processes.

Personalize and implement the right parameters to support your business

Optimize data quality by implementing the right parameters with our support and knowledge. Use data sources and filters to your advantage for more accurate results.

Automate ongoing monitoring and reap the benefits

Remove manual intervention, error, and cost burden. Configured based on your original search criteria, you can whitelist low-risk clients to avoid repeated hits and reduce false positives

Dive deeper in to high risk entities

Undertake additional reviews for pending transactions before making a final decision

Remediate with assurance - have a reflective view on decision making

Allow your internal teams to look back over decisions that have already been made – check to see if our additional information could have helped you make a decision more efficiently 

Integrate with the tools you already use

Sync our Freemium product with your existing data provider for a holistic view on risks

Our AIM insight - the most accurate database of adverse information and media in the world

Use cutting edge machine learning technology to filter through billions of pages of data and collate everything in to structured profiles