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Ongoing Monitoring

Automate ongoing monitoring and rescreening of customers. Designed to support a targeted risk-based approach allowing efficient evaluation of changes to risk profiles.

  • Combines our ongoing monitoring solution with our market-leading proprietary data on the ComplyAdvantage Mesh platform.
  • Quicker remediation with more intelligent data coverage, fully adaptable to meet regulation changes.
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AML Ongoing Monitoring software UI

Proven value for businesses

Effortlessly balance growth, risk, and costs with a powerful solution that enables easy monitoring of customers and companies, ensuring constant regulatory readiness and dynamic risk scoring to swiftly adapt to an evolving risk landscape.

AML Compliance UI

Compliance Officers & MLROs

Aligning ongoing monitoring with risk policies with powerful configurability.

  • Test configurations and thresholds in a sandbox before live use.
  • Empower teams to tackle the highest risk monitoring alerts first.
  • Integrate with existing workflows or systems with full API coverage.
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AML Compliance UI

Team Leaders

Implement risk-based team workload management.

  • Streamline workloads by assigning the highest risk cases first to analysts.
  • Minimize false positives by tuning monitoring configurations.
  • Uncover emerging trends within risk sources, like products used and customer locations.
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AML Compliance UI

Compliance Analysts

Efficiently process monitoring cases.

  • Prioritize the highest risk first by filtering cases by risk level and risk type (e.g., sanctions, PEPs).
  • Utilize an intuitive interface to seamlessly identify evolving customer risks.
  • Easily access full screening and decision history for customers and cases.
  • Track case activity, identify previous contributors and decisions.
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Efficiencies in monitoring you can replicate


Reduction in false positive rates

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Reduction in false positive rates

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Reduction in time to manage alerts

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ComplyAdvantage’s KYC screening solution helps us keep our platform clean and ensure we’re only doing business with the people that we want to do business with.

Luis Trujillo

Chief Compliance & Risk Officer, Alviere

ComplyAdvantage’s powerful AI and high frequency of daily scans mean we can deliver confidence to our clients that they won’t be inundated with false positives and can still be sure that any changes to a monitored individual status will be captured. All this with a simple, real-time API.

Brian Daly

Head of Product Implementation and Innovation, 4Stop

Other products we reviewed on the market were more rigid. ComplyAdvantage enables us to focus on continual improvement, adapting the platform as we learn and as the world evolves.

Robin Jeffery

Head of Transformation, Hampshire Trust Bank

Starter Plan

  • Monitor up to 1000 customers.
  • Screening & monitoring included.
  • Instant access.
From $99 excl. local taxes
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Premium Plan

  • Monitor over 1000 customers.
  • Tailored package for your business.
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Frequently asked questions

You have complete control. You can choose to apply identical configurations for both screening and monitoring your customers or customize them individually. Our solution provides extensive configuration options, allowing you to align your screening and monitoring processes with your risk policies effectively.

Absolutely. You can configure the solution accordingly. Whether you use our system or another for transaction monitoring, you can establish workflows seamlessly. Ensure compatibility with API or webhooks for third-party or in-house solutions so that you can automate this.

Yes. Our solution monitors both individuals and businesses. You can tailor screening configurations based on entity types.

Our solution comes with a host of capabilities that are aimed at reducing false positives right from the start. For example, its alert muting feature empowers users to mute profiles identified as false positives, effectively eliminating their recurrence in ongoing monitoring alerts. By doing so, you can significantly reduce unnecessary alerts and alleviate the burden of continuously reviewing profiles already identified as false positives.