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Identify emerging risks at the earliest point with daily, global, Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs) updates. Demand more from your PEP data with our industry-leading data coverage and quality.

  • Get daily updates to PEP data and election changes as they happen – powered by a programmatic approach, not manual.
  • Benefit from critical data points consolidated into a single profile, reducing manual effort and enhancing decision-making capabilities by providing insights, not just data.
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Transformational approach to PEP data, screening
& remediation

Benefit from up-to-the-minute AI-assisted PEP data collection, curated by experts. Stay ahead of regulatory demands while seamlessly aligning with local jurisdictional requirements.

Uncover the true PEP risk when screening customers by leveraging our knowledge graph of PEPs, and their Relatives & Close Associates (RCAs). A robust feedback loop helps you benefit from gold-standard remediation decisions made by thousands of financial crime teams.

Maximize compliance efficiency with market-leading real-time PEP coverage

  • Ensure relevance and avoid unnecessary noise by using global PEP coverage that is finely tuned to align with specific jurisdictional requirements.
  • Use the only data & screening provider that improves with every remediation decision, thanks to our data feedback loop.
  • Benefit from our large-scale AI-automated data collection and meticulous manual quality control for unparalleled accuracy.
  • Ensure continuous accuracy and currency with our frequent data refresh, helping to keep you informed, compliant and up-to-date.
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Implement a risk-driven approach with deep search configurability & smarter matching

  • Achieve unmatched precision in identifying PEPs with our linguistic identity matching, expertly handling the intricacies of naming conventions, aliases / AKAs, non-Latin names, etc.
  • Deploy geographically tailored solutions with our highly configurable platform, designed to meet the unique needs of large enterprises.

Make confident decisions with data curated by top-tier analysts

  • Trust in our 12-eye review process that ensures impeccable assurance every step of the way.
  • Rely on our expert team’s thorough research and selection of pertinent institutions and PEP positions for relevant insights.

The quality of data we get through ComplyAdvantage is really important to us. Through ComplyAdvantage, we have comfort that we’re screening and identifying high-level PEPs and all the way down to local councillors.

Rob O’Sullivan

Director, Financial Crime Compliance and MLRO, Freetrade

ComplyAdvantage stood out against legacy providers in the market and gave us the confidence that it could deliver – more like a partner than a vendor.

Cyrus Tong

Regional Chief Compliance Officer, PingPong

We now have the benefit of researching sanctions, PEPs, and adverse media all at the same time from a large number of sources rather than using multiple tools and databases. The time saved comes from only having to research the alerts, rather than wasting time looking for them.

Ashwin Nazareth

FinCrime Operations & Disputes Principal, BigPay

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Frequently asked questions

ComplyAdvantage sources PEPs and RCAs from official sources, including government websites and databases, and proprietary databases.

We have defined 4 classes of PEP which are aligned with FATF guidelines and allow our clients to grow internationally with confidence.


  • Heads of state
  • Members of the national executive
  • Members of the national legislatures
  • Senior military and law enforcement officials
  • Senior officials of national agencies
  • Board members of central banks
  • Senior judiciary officials (national level)
  • Top-ranking officials of political parties


  • Board members of International Organizations (HIOs) &
  • International Sports Federations
  • Ambassadors, high commissioners, and other top diplomatic positions
  • Members of the regional executive
  • Members of the regional legislatures
  • Senior judiciary officials (regional level)


  • Senior management and board of directors of state-owned businesses and organizations.


  • Mayors and members of local government (sub-regional level).

Many regulations and best practice guidelines indicate that PEPs are entities that not only currently hold relevant positions but also have left office. ComplyAdvantage takes a similar approach. Therefore, our database also includes PEP entities previously holding one of the above positions.

Additionally, family members and close associates of PEPs are considered PEPs and can be risk-ranked.

Yes. The FATF recommendations also apply to relatives and close associates of prominent entities, as these are also viewed as potential sources of risk.

ComplyAdvantage considers the following categories of relationships:

  • Direct family members – e.g. spouse, partner, siblings, children
  • Indirect family members – e.g. in-laws, grandchildren
  • Close associates – e.g. business relationships, organizational ties, financial dependencies, publicly known social connections

If an entity belongs to any of the above categories, it is classed at the same level as the PEP it is associated with unless the family member is a PEP in his/her own right. In such cases, the political position held by the spouse will determine his or her classification.

Yes. Using ComplyAdvantage Mesh, you can advance your customer screening with a powerful and flexible “fuzzy matching” search capability that allows you to optimize for the reduction of false positives in line with your risk-based approach.

Our screening configuration allows you to apply varying fuzziness levels to your searches across our PEP, Adverse Media, Sanctions, and Warning data.

Our search algorithm accounts for all the major sources of mismatch in the name screening industry, such as name derivatives, phonetically similar names, spelling & typos, fuzzy matching, and different name forms.

Our PEP records are updated daily. This includes automated checking of PEP data sources as well as proactive updates triggered by elections or geopolitical events.

RCA data capture is triggered every time a new PEP is identified or updated and when there are new declarations of interest, company filings, etc.

Yes. Our database includes the SIPs and the SIEs.