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Sanctions & Watchlists Screening

Category-leading, AI-driven sanctions screening & monitoring software

  • Fully-automated customer screening & monitoring solution
  • Sanctions, watchlists, adverse media, PEPs, warning lists & internal data
  • Data, search & case management – all from a single supplier
  • Easy-to-use workflow UI & speedy integration with RESTful API

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Improve the efficiency and accuracy of your sanctions screening

Customers using our real-time sanctions screening and monitoring solution today are achieving:


Hit rate

By providing search settings at your customer level


Reduction in onboarding time

Using REST API & digitizing processes for SMEs and corporates


Increase in straight-through processing

Through automated flow via our API and granular data segmentation

Why partner with ComplyAdvantage for sanctions screening and monitoring?

Effective alert management
Improve alert quality by configuring screening parameters with our industry-leading search algorithms.
Configure monitoring parameters
Flexibility to set risk-based alert frequency and differentiated risk screening levels from onboarding
Automate labor-intensive processes
Autonomous systems check all sources at regular intervals - updating within a couple of hours
Reduce the time & cost spent on remediation
Integrate data feeds, case management systems, and CRMs to match your workflow

Leading businesses trust us for sanctions & watchlist screening & monitoring

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Sanctions world map

Global sanctions data straight from the source

  • Unmatched speed of updates to our sanctions data
  • Data manually quality checked by domain expert researchers
  • 100+ compliance ecosystem partners already trust our global coverage and industry-validated datasets:
    – Sanction lists
    – Watchlists
    – PEP jurisdictions


Comprehensive data, technology, and integrations

sanction screening UI
  • Automated data generation in a constant live state: A proprietary
    real-time risk database of global watchlists, PEPs, and adverse media
  • Real-time risk screening: Using AI, AML/CFT data is acquired in minutes, not months
  • Consolidated entity profiles: A single alert with all the information needed to make an informed decision
  • Formal process of human review: Teams of global data experts review and edit problematic profiles

sanctions search
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Efficient case management: Workflow, case assignments, entity-based alerts, reporting
  • Advanced search capabilities: Adjustable search parameters, customizable search profiles, advanced search filters, name-matching algorithms, fuzzy matching, real-time screening, multi-language support, taxonomies
  • Perpetual KYC: Whitelisting and automated monitoring

sanctions API
  • Flexible REST API integration: Webhooks allow two-way data transfer so you can seamlessly sync your internal systems with ours
  • Faster remediation: Fully integrate with your customer lifecycle workflow with straight-through-processing and faster remediation
  • Cloud-based alert management portal: With whitelisting capabilities to eliminate repeat hits and streamline straight-through processing
  • Better workflow to assist everyday reporting: Integrate data feeds, case management systems, and CRMs to match your workflow

ISO 27001 certified sanctions screening
  • Highest level of security and risk mitigation: ISO27001 certified across all systems and locations
  • Cloud hosting with AWS: A combination of AWS services are implemented to create a defense-in-depth strategy and automatically thwart attacks
  • Full audit of changes: Demonstrate compliance to regulators with built-in archive functionality tailored for audits
  • Dedicated customer support: A range of dedicated industry specialists to support your needs
sanction screening UI sanctions search sanctions API ISO 27001 certified sanctions screening

Discover why over 1,000 customers in
80+ countries use ComplyAdvantage

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“Because of ComplyAdvantage’s system, today we are dealing with 48,000 fewer false positives.”

~ Luis Trujillo, Chief Compliance & Risk Officer, Alviere (Embedded finance provider)

Compliance technology evolved

Traditional AML Vendor

  • Manually compiled data, periodically updated

  • Siloed data sets with limited insights

  • Slow, painful integration via API with low uptime

  • Batch rescreening via spreadsheet upload

  • Individual list-based alerts

  • Limited search functionality

  • Human-curated adverse info from non-reputable sources

  • Hard-coded ruleset which is difficult to change

  • Poor customer service


  • Automated data generation in constant live state

  • Connected AML risk & corporate data

  • Quick and easy API integration with 99.99% uptime

  • Automated ongoing monitoring with full audit trail

  • Consolidated entity profiles with a single alert

  • Powerful search algorithm configured to risk-based approach

  • AI/ ML-powered, scanning 150m reputable media articles per month

  • Easy scenario creation tailored to industry use case

  • Dedicated Customer Success Managers

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Frequently asked questions

We have set up a radically different technical architecture, leveraging data science and machine learning to understand risk computationally. While we still review data manually, our approach results in data being updated in minutes rather than months. By collecting data from such a broad range of global sources, we are able to update our data faster using automated processes. We also are able to corroborate & validate entities and enhance existing data such as DOBs and photographs. We compile disparate data into consolidated, structured profiles with clear, traceable source data and relations to other risk entities. Have the context to make the right risk decisions with a single comprehensive profile, enhanced with the most up-to-date Adverse Media and AML/CTF information.

Yes. Lists of individuals, legal entities, and vessels issued by relevant law enforcement or regulatory bodies. Entities on such lists are either involved in law-breaking activities at an international level or in particular jurisdictions under investigation or found guilty of regulatory breaches in their operating industry, which may indicate a significant financial, compliance, or reputational risk.

This information can be used when determining whether or not to engage in a business relationship with potential customers, counterparties, and suppliers. It might equally be of use when making payments and determining whether or not a payment is being made in the furtherance of a crime or as part of a financial crime, such as a money laundering or insider trading scheme.

The ComplyAdvantage data set includes, without limitation, regional, national, and international data sets.

Yes. ComplyAdvantage’s fitness and probity data set encompasses individuals who have committed transgressions but who might not necessarily have committed offenses that would lead them to be denied funds or bank accounts. It might however lead you to reassess a potential business relationship with these entities.

Therefore, this category encompasses lists of individuals and legal entities that have been disqualified or otherwise restricted from holding certain positions or participating in certain activities, such as publicly-funded contracts, due to regulatory or code of conduct breaches.

The ComplyAdvantage data set includes, without limitation, regional, national, and international data sets.

We leverage 1000s of sources that contribute to our comprehensive global coverage: OFAC, UN, HMT, EU, DFAT, and many more. List from around the world, 14 languages supported.

Sanctions updates occur every 15 minutes.

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