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Boost your compliance with sanctions updates in minutes, not days. Ingestion, Intelligence, Feedback – demand more from your sanctions data.

  • Go beyond what the regulators expect with a deep-tech approach. Benefit from real-time updates to sanctions data.
  • Review alerts faster, with profiles consolidating sanctions data alongside Politically Exposed Persons (PEP), watchlists, fitness & probity, and adverse media data.
  • Get a deeper understanding of the network; Sanctions-related data goes beyond solely listed entities to entities they own, control, or are related to.
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Superior compliance with award-winning data

Boost your financial crime strategy with globally recognized sanctions data, including information on entities owned or controlled by sanctioned persons. Speed up remediation, minimize false positives, and manage risks efficiently.

Leap-forward your compliance with comprehensive sanctions data

  • Stay ahead with real-time updates from the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC), His Majesty’s Treasury (HMT), European Union (EU) consolidated lists, and over 60 additional jurisdictions.
  • Dive deep with details on organizations owned or controlled by sanctioned parties, aligning with the OFAC 50 per cent rule and EU laws.
  • Ensure you have all the data you need to make informed decisions, with our global sanctions database.

Proactively identify sanctions evasion with advanced screening & matching

  • Perform high-frequency and multi-format checks by utilizing cutting-edge AI.
  • Identify sanctioned individuals even before receiving official notifications.
  • Ensure your business remains proactive, preventing sanctions evasion and financial crimes moments after sanctions are imposed.

Access superior sanctions data refreshed ahead of competitors

  • Use the best sanctions data that is refreshed using automated systems, significantly outpacing competitors.
  • Screen and monitor with truly current data that is updated rapidly and refreshed constantly, guaranteeing top-tier data quality.
  • Rest assured that you’ll detect risk accurately because our technology is supplemented with expert manual review to capture even subtle details.

Every transaction sent to Russia had to be reviewed in real-time. ComplyAdvantage helped us quickly implement a custom rule that stopped anything going to Russia in real-time.

Ignaat van der Meulen

Screening and Transaction Monitoring Manager, Ebury

We now have the benefit of researching sanctions, PEPs, and adverse media all at the same time from a large number of sources rather than using multiple tools and databases. The time saved comes from only having to research the alerts, rather than wasting time looking for them.

Ashwin Nazareth

FinCrime Operations & Disputes Principal, BigPay

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  • Monitor up to 1000 customers.
  • Screening & monitoring included.
  • Instant access.
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  • Monitor over 1000 customers.
  • Tailored package for your business.
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Frequently asked questions

ComplyAdvantage has set up a radically different technical architecture, leveraging data science and machine learning to understand risk. While we still review data manually, our approach results in data being updated in minutes rather than months.

We update our data faster using automated processes. We also corroborate & validate entities and enhance existing data such as dates of birth and photographs. We compile disparate data into consolidated, structured profiles with clear, traceable source data and detect relations to other risk entities.

Our sanctions data provides the context needed to make the right risk decisions with a single comprehensive profile, enhanced with the most up-to-date adverse media and AML/CTF information.

Yes. Lists of individuals, legal entities, and vessels issued by relevant law enforcement or regulatory bodies are included in our dataset. Entities on such lists are either involved in law-breaking activities at an international level, in particular jurisdictions under investigation, or found guilty of regulatory breaches in their operating industry, which may indicate a significant financial, compliance, or reputational risk.

This information can be used when determining whether or not to engage in a business relationship with potential customers, counterparties, and suppliers. It might equally be of use when making payments and determining whether or not a payment is being made in the furtherance of a crime or as part of a financial crime, such as a money laundering or insider trading scheme.

The ComplyAdvantage data set includes, without limitation, regional, national, and international data sets.

Yes. ComplyAdvantage’s fitness and probity data set encompasses individuals who have committed transgressions but might not necessarily have committed offenses that would lead them to be denied funds or bank accounts. However, it might lead you to reassess a potential business relationship with these entities.

Therefore, this category encompasses lists of individuals and legal entities that have been disqualified or otherwise restricted from holding certain positions or participating in certain activities, such as publicly-funded contracts, due to regulatory or code of conduct breaches.

The ComplyAdvantage data set includes, without limitation, regional, national, and international data sets.

ComplyAdvantage leverages thousands of sources that contribute to our comprehensive global coverage, including:

  • America’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC)
  • United Nations
  • UK’s His Majesty’s Treasury (HMT)
  • European Union
  • Australia’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT), and many more.

List from around the world, in 14 different languages are covered.