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Payment Screening

Powering a no-compromise payment experience

  • Higher straight-through processing without compromising on risk
  • Reduce false positives with risk-optimized matching algorithms
  • Boost sanctions compliance with the most up-to-date data on the market
  • Improve efficiency with integrated data, screening, and case management
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Payment screening purpose-built for speed


of transactions processed without delay

Provide the best experience to your customers with data-optimized screening algorithms.


required to process 99% of payments

Fully support instant payments without compromising on risk using scalable cloud technology.


for system-wide updates to sanction lists

Screen against up-to-date data during any crisis using automated, human-validated list updates.

A better way to screen transactions

Sanctions & watchlist screening
  • We source our data directly from regulators using advanced NLP technology tagged as best-in-class by Chartis (2022)
  • 100+ partners already trust our global coverage and industry-validated datasets
  • Rich profiles provide analysts with comprehensive information for accurate and fast decisions.

  • Our advanced technology directly monitors regulators for updates – no more waiting for regulatory notices.
  • Start screening against updated lists in as little as 60 minutes.
  • Expert QA: Our dedicated global analyst team ensures that only correct updates are made.

Tailored screening
  • Optimized algorithms calibrated to our data power fast, accurate screening flexibility, and higher STP rates.
  • Screen any payment attribute, including names, BIC codes, countries – even unstructured text fields.
  • Customizable screening profiles: Apply tailored lists and fuzziness levels to different payment corridors – for a differentiated, risk-based payments approach.

Faster payments
  • Screening as fast as 150 to 500 milliseconds supports any faster payment scheme (including Instant SEPA Credit, Faster Payments, and FedNow.)

API integration
  • Seamless integration with our JSON REST API
  • Out-of-the-box integration with several core banking platforms.

Case management
  • Work more efficiently with a flexible workflow.
  • Keep tabs on alert queue statuses with an out-of-the-box dashboard.
Sanctions & watchlist screening Tailored screening Faster payments API integration Case management

How our payment screening solution works

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Payment Screening process Payment Screening Process

Leading financial institutions trust ComplyAdvantage for screening payments

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  • Monitor up to 1000 customers.
  • Screening & monitoring included.
  • Instant access.
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  • Monitor over 1000 customers.
  • Tailored package for your business.
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Payment Screening FAQ

ComplyAdvantage’s Payment Screening is a fully integrated solution that offers proprietary data, screening, and case management to enable compliance and regulatory teams in businesses processing payments.

SWIFT, Faster payments, Chaps, SEPA, BACS, and IMPS (immediate payment service).

Our global list coverage can be updated as fast as every 15 minutes, with 100% of PEP profiles checked for updates every day. You can detect sanctioned entities within one hour of updates from major lists, including OFAC SDN, OFAC Consolidated, UN Consolidated, EU Consolidated, and HMT. Over 10 million pages are processed daily using deep learning to create accurate adverse profiles.

Our solution can screen some fields, including counterparty name screening, Customer name screening, Institution name screening, BIC screening, and Reference text screening.

Yes, any number of intermediaries involved in a particular transaction can be configured. Intermediary names can be screened against ComplyAdvantage datasets (Sanctions, Watchlists), and BICs (Banking identifier code), if provided, can be screened against Sanctions.

Custom lists of individuals or legal entities can be configured, and screening can be done against those lists.

Our APIs are easy to integrate and are supported by extensive documentation available through our platform. Clients have been able to implement in as little as 2-4 weeks.

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