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Easily integrate our industry leading data and services into your AML processes

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Why use our API

Access real-time risk data and find the insight you’re looking for to make AML risk decisions, faster.

Our unique API solution has been designed to provide you with all the functionality you need to integrate our data and services into your anti-money laundering processes.

Through structured data and automation, you can streamline your internal processes, reduce manual workload and produce a more accurate picture of risk.

Integrate in an afternoon

No legacy technology issues to deal with and easy to understand transparent API documentation, means you can get set up in hours not months.


We combine our API with a set of webhooks – this allows two-way data transfer between our application and your back office systems so that you can manage your workflow, all from one window.


Manage your own users and API keys for security. We are ISO27001 certified across all systems and locations – everything we do is in scope for the certification.

Our Proprietary Data

The world’s only dynamic, real-time database of people and companies that pose financial crime risk.

Broader coverage spotting tens of thousands of risk events from millions of structured and unstructured data sources daily, with entities updated in minutes, not days.


Our robust API enables easy integration with your existing workflow. Simple, seamless integration of our automated onboarding checks and case management into your workflow and business model.

The API was great to work with. Our technical team was able to integrate it quickly and easily with our back-office systems so our 1st line analysts don’t have to bounce between systems

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