A Guide to Anti-Money Laundering for Crypto Firms

Transaction Monitoring Solution

Process transactions confidently with our robust AML transaction monitoring & screening solutions

Our AML transaction monitoring solution allows firms to monitor and screen all transactions in real time.

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Transaction Risk Monitoring

Powering compliance for over 1,000 customers in 75+ countries

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Proven value to our customers

False positive

Over 70% reduction in false positives

80% reduction in time to build risk scenarios with our no-code rule builder

Monitor billions of transactions at 100 TPS with sub second response time

Implementation in 2 weeks

Transaction rules

Configurable scenarios with detailed insights

  • Segmentation based on different risk appetite for various business flows
  • Risk based scenarios picked from standard library or custom built using no code rules builder
  • Screening options for sanctions, watchlists, PEPs or custom lists
Sanction list product feature

Ingest & Enrich

  • Ingest transactions and other customer data – Risk words, whitelists, exclusion lists
  • Enrich data from CA or other sources – Blockchain, Geolocation
Transaction monitoring

Identify Risk

  • Transaction Fraud
    • Leverage your data and our flexible, AI-powered rules engine to identify fraudulent transactions in real time
  • Transaction Monitoring
    • Monitor trends of customer transactions over time to identify suspicious behavior
  • Transaction Screening
    • Identify risk before it materialises and stop transactions in real-time by screening all elements of a transaction including name, address, bank details, BIC, reference notes
Case Management

Case Management

  • Investigate and take action on suspicious activity and report to regulators by filing SARs or other reports while maintaining a clear audit trail for regulators.
Reporting dashboard

Reporting & Audit

  • Regulatory reporting (SAR)  in different jurisdictions
  • Operational Insights to review performance and adapt
  • Record of comments and audit history


Uncover Hidden Risks

Purpose-built Artificial Intelligence

Extensive rule library of AML/ CFT industry risk typologies

Real-time screening against most up to sanctions / PEP data sources

Network diagram


Provide Operational Efficiencies

No code rule builder and recommendation engine

Highly configurable rules and segmentation

Availability of look-up lists

Alert/Transaction Risk Scoring

Compliance at scale

Automatically assign alerts to different queues based on your business needs (by location, department, or product.)

Entity based flow

Quality control functionality

Per analyst access controls

Manager/ supervisor functionality

Operational metrics

Audit Trail


Provide Agility

Data/source format-agnostic


Adaptable data format

Parse standard wire formats