Transaction Risk Management

Process payments with confidence

Screen all elements of a transaction in real-time and automate at scale

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Customer value

Reduce operational overhead

Win the fight against false positives and automate labor-intensive processes

Improve customer satisfaction

Offer friction-free payments by screening transactions in real-time

Tailor your ruleset with industry expertise

Leverage our extensive rule library of AML/ CFT industry risk typologies

Integrate easily into your desired workflow

Sync data feeds, case management systems, and CRMs to match your workflow

Configurable scenarios with detailed insights

  • Fine-tune rules and matching thresholds based on your risk appetite

The best sanctions data in the business

  • Identify live sanctions risk in all parts of the payment message via a single API call 

A holistic view of customer behavior

  • Aggregated transaction-level alerts, MI reporting and an electronic audit trail. 

Highest level of security and risk mitigation

  • Industry-leading API integration and uptime with an ISO 27001 certification across all systems and locations.


  • Configurable scenarios with detailed insights
  • Extensive rule library of AML/CFT risk typologies
  • Out-of-the-box configuration options
  • Entity extraction and real-time screening 
  • Cloud-based alert management portal
  • REST API Integration
  • Webhooks
  • Downloadable audit trail 
  • Global SME support