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The State of Financial Crime 2024: Download our latest research

Adverse Media

Onboard your customers quickly with confidence. Cut out noise with always-on global negative news monitoring and name commonness matching.

  • Achieve a dynamic customer onboarding experience with swift and name-narrowing screening.
  • Reduce false positives through precise alerts with next-generation machine learning models.
  • Unleash outstanding productivity with screening workflows driven by actionable insights, minimizing redundant and repetitive tasks.
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Accelerate onboarding and boost due diligence with always-on adverse media

Effortlessly identify threats detected by multilingual machine learning models so your business can navigate with certainty. Build accurate counterparty profiles with a clear view of risks.

Access comprehensive, market-leading coverage

  • Get 7X more adverse media, and add 5X more than our top competitor.
  • Configure and optimize for high-volume, enterprise-ready operations with enhanced explainability.
  • Access expert-curated enriched profiles with insightful context – such as images, date of birth, location, and media articles with easy-to-read snippets.

Revolutionize your search and matching with gold-standard remediation decisions

  • Ensure accuracy and surface hidden risks with unique entity resolution capabilities.
  • Facilitate richer API integrations and faster remediations with a single consolidated view of risk.
  • Make quicker decisions by filtering out irrelevant hits with contextualized data.

Continuously-evolving trusted global database

  • Benefit from market-leading NLP models that capture adverse media from across the globe whilst minimizing inefficiencies the false positives created by a keyword-based approach.
  • Get a complete, meaningful view of data and associated risks.
  • Process media in the native language using deep learning technology, curated and reviewed by financial crime experts.
  • Harness cutting-edge data-gathering technology, meticulously encoded for precision, to seamlessly align with regulatory standards and uncover intricate connections to predicate offences.
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We now have the benefit of researching sanctions, PEPs, and adverse media all at the same time from a large number of sources rather than using multiple tools and databases. The time saved comes from only having to research the alerts, rather than wasting time looking for them.

Ashwin Nazareth

FinCrime Operations & Disputes Principal, BigPay

ComplyAdvantage allowed 4Stop to easily add a large number of watchlists and adverse media sources to its service and enable continuous monitoring of these sources at a cost-effective price. ComplyAdvantage’s powerful AI and high frequency of daily scans mean we can deliver confidence to our clients that they won’t be inundated with false positives and can still be sure that any changes to a monitored individual status will be captured. All this with a simple, real-time API.

Brian Daly

Head of Product Implementation and Innovation

Santander UK automates adverse media screening and reduces customer onboarding time by 50%.

Jonathan Holman

Head of Digital Transformation, Santander Corporate and Commercial Banking

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  • Monitor up to 1000 customers.
  • Screening & monitoring included.
  • Instant access.
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  • Monitor over 1000 customers.
  • Tailored package for your business.
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Frequently asked questions

ComplyAdvantage’s adverse media solution looks at tens of millions of articles from sources, including international news websites, regional and local news sites, government websites, court judgments, and specialist blogs. These sites cover the globe and are processed by our machine learning models in multiple languages.

For a new source to be added to our coverage it must satisfy our internal assessment criteria, which include:

  • The source should publish negative news articles that would help our clients identify risks related to financial crime.
  • The source should not be found to propagate false information, conspiracies or satire.
  • The source must publish its own material and not rely on syndicated content.

ComplyAdvantage periodically reviews the sources covered by our adverse media solution, to remove or rectify any sources which have closed down, merged or rebranded. New credible sources are added based on targeted improvements or feedback from our active client base of hundreds of financial companies.

Our adverse media data currently screens against over 11,000 verified national, regional, and local media sources across 200+ countries and territories.