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Launching AI-driven Fraud Detection

Corporate Onboarding and Screening

Uncover hidden threats to business with robust KYB solutions

Move away from siloed compliance processes and combine corporate and risk screening into a single platform.

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Customer value

Map out company ownership and control

A single combined search across both corporate structure and AML risk

Automate labor-intensive processes

Remove manual intervention and automate onboarding at a scale never before possible

Tailor to your workflow

Tailor your screening program to your risk-based approach and maximize straight-through processing

Integrate in hours via REST API

Seamlessly integrate corporate checks into your onboarding workflow via a highly functional RESTful API

Company registry search

Improve your workflow with a single combined search

  • Drive efficiency in your KYB program with a single combined search across both corporate structure and AML risk

Utilize a library of pre-set compliance rules

  • Automatically apply corporates against pre-set KYB compliance scenarios


Transaction monitoring

Embed pre-built infrastructure services into your workflow

  • We provide answers not just data, significantly reducing the time your team spends investigating cases

Intelligent visual guidance of customer risk

  • Faster and more efficient entity resolution with an easy-to-navigate interface and case management tool


  • 400+ million companies and related directors
  • 200+ countries and territories
  • Pre-set compliance scenarios
  • Rules-based results
  • Continuous monitoring
  • Plug and play application service
  • Web interface and case management tool
  • REST API integration
  • ISO27001 Level Security