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Launching AI-driven Fraud Detection


The US real estate market faces increasing regulatory scrutiny, with Treasury regulator FinCEN calling for public comment on its plans to root out money laundering and corruption in the sector, particularly through all-cash deals.  The advance notice of proposed rulemaking […]

p2p money laundering

Why is P2P Money Laundering Becoming More Prevalent? Advances in fintech have allowed for the development and widespread uptake of a variety of online financial services, including peer-to-peer lending and crowdfunding, both of which have grown to represent multi-billion dollar […]

AML lending

As banks and non-bank financial institutions explore new, innovative methods with which to deliver financial services, digital lending has emerged as an opportunity for those organizations to loan money faster and more efficiently. Digital lending is essentially the use of […]

PEP red flags

PEP Red Flags: Detecting Misuse Of The Financial System Many uncertainties and misunderstandings surround politically exposed persons, or PEPs. Classifying a client as a PEP is not an aim in itself; rather, it forms part of the process that enables […]