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Launching AI-driven Fraud Detection

Cristina Reul

Cristina Reul is a Senior International Affairs Research Analyst at ComplyAdvantage with a focus on Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs). She works on PEP coverage for various jurisdictions, initiatives related to quality assurance, and navigating the complex global AML regulatory landscape. With a background in research, diplomacy, and political analysis, she has also acquired the CAMS certification this year. She takes an interest in studying the risk-based approach to AML by leveraging knowledge of country context, local legal requirements, and data insights.

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Accurate and reliable information is the bedrock of effective politically exposed person (PEP) risk management, as misidentifications or omissions can have severe legal and reputational consequences.  In this article, Madalina Morar, International Affairs Research Analyst at ComplyAdvantage, explains the company’s […]

The accuracy and reliability of data used in politically exposed person (PEP) screening are paramount to its effectiveness. High-quality data ensures relevant PEP profiles are identified accurately, minimizing false positives and negatives. It involves collecting comprehensive and up-to-date information from […]

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