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Commercial / Sales

If you hear a gong, that’s the commercial department celebrating a success. Whenever we make a sale or confirm a meeting, we strike the gong to tell everyone about it. It’s part of our culture, which is defined by energy, determination, and passion. We’re constantly pushing ourselves to be the best we can be.

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We nurture talent and coach our team members. Some have joined us as business development executives and progressed through many roles to build a rewarding career in sales.

When you join us, you’ll work with cutting-edge technologies that help you interact with potential customers successfully. 

We offer a variety of roles across the global commercial team. Our most common roles are:

  • Business Development: This is about researching potential customers and making the first contact with them. The idea is to ensure that we are opening doors and proactively talking to the organizations that need our products.
  • Presales: Our presales team members work with our sales executives to bring more in-depth technical knowledge and research. Together, they make sure we have relevant content and case studies to share with the client, specific to their industry.
  • Sales: Our sales executives engage with the senior decision-makers within our existing and potential customers to close new deals, arrange renewals and upsell our products.

Global Head of Sales Greg says: “We learn, and we earn. Sales is a job that needs a lot of determination. The harder you work, the more successful you are.”


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