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ComplyAdvantage releases API documentation

AML Compliance Knowledge & Training

Most of the APIs available on the market are not fit for purpose. Poor integration capability, lack of intuitive design and being overly complex are facets of bad APIs and the reason why so many people have become apprehensive at the idea of using them. It’s unfortunate because APIs are often used to connect workflows to databases and without one, companies are missing out on access to better data.

At ComplyAdvantage we talk a lot about our RESTful API. You can see it all over our website, when we talk at conferences and every time we talk about technology.

We saw what was wrong with so many of the APIs available on the market and created an API dedicated to integrating with our clients’ workflow and delivering dynamic data through an intuitive user experience.

Advanced, efficient and accurate compliance

Our developers have spent a great deal of time creating a cutting-edge API that integrates seamlessly into AML/CFT workflows. On average it takes our clients about two hours to improve their AML processes by implementing our API. Our customers go from using outdated data and sanctions lists to a workflow that’s fully integrated with our dynamic data and connects to all relevant information immediately.

Our documentation, now available to view for anyone who wants to see what it offers, maps out everything we can do for you more easily and efficiently than any legacy provider.

Compliance officers shouldn’t be wasting time manually checking names against lists but integrating new tools into your workflow shouldn’t be an onerous task either. Costly Consultants should not even come into the process, integrating a new tool should be a simple task with low costs.

Browse what we’ve put together and discover how lightweight and responsive we’ve made the API for you. Your ComplyAdvantage account can be configured so that when certain events occur on your end data can be sent to a URL or URLs of your choosing. Meaning that we let you configure your application to differentiate between individual events.

That’s just one of the benefits our API will bring to your business. We’ve created the API of the future for compliance. Everything we do is to make your compliance function more efficient and more accurate, compliance doesn’t have to be painful.

Read the full documentation here

Originally published 28 August 2019, updated 13 February 2024

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