Sanctioned Countries: Syria

Concrete buildings in Aleppo, Syria

The sanctions campaign applied to Syria by OFAC, HM Treasury, the EU, the UN, and several other regulatory entities is one of the most comprehensive ever implemented. Sanctions were imposed in response to the Syrian government’s support of international terrorism and violations against democratic and human rights in the country. Since first being implemented, the sanctions have been strengthened several times due to escalating violence in the region. Currently imposed sanctions include trade restrictions, travel bans and asset freezes on certain Syrian officials, as well as a ban on Syrian investment by US persons.

Sanctions have been imposed on the sale, transfer, supply or export of ‘jet fuel’ and ‘fuel additives’ to Syria since 7 January 2015.

For the most up-to-date information on Syria sanctions, it is best to visit regulators’ websites. Relevant pages for OFAC, HM Treasury, and EU sanctions are listed below:

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