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Data Agregator

Supercharge your data and software solutions, and avoid the problems of legacy API integration. We’ll give you the power to tailor your data output, reduce repetitive tasks, and speed up decision-making by consolidating AML checks on a single platform.

Integrated Technology Partner

Our Integrated Technology Partnership is an opportunity to enhance AML/KYC compliance performance, reduce false positive remediation times, and create a customer experience which outpaces competitors.

Consulting Partner

As a Consulting Partner, we’ll help you empower clients with industry leading AML data and technology, delivering the insight and expertise you need to handle complex regulatory environments around the world.

Why partner with us?

  • Attractive commercial terms
    Flexible pricing structures to allow you to be successful
  • Modern REST API
    Easy to implement, flexible to configure, extremely reliable with high availability
  • Flexible deployment models
    Choose from data, search algorithms, and bolt-on/white-label platform modules
  • Strong support infrastructure
    Pre-sales, onboarding, and ongoing support if required
  • Long-term Partnerships
    Deep expertise, collaborative approach, feed into our product roadmap
  • Give clients confidence
    Tried and trusted solutions that meet and exceed regulatory requirements
  • Win more business
    Industry-leading and award-winning data and technology solutions, a huge step forward from legacy alternatives

Our Proprietary Data

By utilizing our solutions, you will be using real-time data with updates as often as every 15 minutes. You can better segment and screen data according to your risk appetite, reducing false positives in the process as well as giving your compliance team much richer insights.


Designed to provide all the functionality you need to integrate our data and services into your anti-money laundering processes. No legacy technology issues to deal with and easy to understand transparent API documentation, means you can get set up in hours not months.

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