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Harness the power and accuracy of
adverse information and media with
AIM Insight.

“Adverse Media is a
Competitive Advantage”

Santander reduced the cycle time of applying for an
account to opening it from 12 days to just 2. Resulting in
an 80% reduction in effort for employees and freeing up
time to better serve customers.

AIM Insight

Webinar: Reducing Risk in Adverse Information & Media with Machine Learning

Podcast: Who Reads Yesterday’s Papers?

In our first Corrupt Planet podcast, we take a look at how the Gupta family got away
with moving millions out of South Africa even when the story broke, and why
thanks to accessible modern technology, that shouldn’t happen again.

Risk management can’t be holistic if it’s limited to isolated silos in your company

Integrate our Sanction, Watchlist and PEP data to your KYC
workflow and gain a more accurate profile of risk

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