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Transaction Monitoring Solution


Powered by machine learning, Smart Alerts helps reduce false positives and increase workflow efficiencies.

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Transaction monitoring smart alerts

Empowering you to make quick, smart decisions

As part of our Transaction Monitoring Solution (TMS), Smart Alerts provides an enhanced and contextual view of all your transactions for sophisticated AML and fraud detection. AI-driven algorithms automatically group alerts as high, medium, or low priority so analysts can review them with greater accuracy and efficiency.

How Smart Alerts works

Smart Alerts can be overlayed onto existing transaction monitoring systems. Using machine learning algorithms, all alerts are automatically grouped as high, medium, or low risk. This allows alerts to be allocated and actioned accordingly. For example, high-risk alerts can be assigned and escalated to more experienced analysts and low-risk alerts can be assigned to junior analysts or bulk remediated.

Alert Prioritization

Granular, contextual view

A granular view ensures analysts understand why alerts are labeled with specific risk levels. This provides complete oversight for decision-making, and for processing transactions quickly. Firms can also see a drastic reduction in false positives and alert backlogs while improving workflow efficiencies and reducing the burden on analysts.

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Use TMS Smart Alerts to implement a truly risk-based approach and assign invaluable resources to focus on tackling genuine threats and suspicious transactions

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Intelligent alerts prioritization & escalation

Assign, escalate or take other required actions on alerts according to priority levels. Focus time and expertise by allocating high risk alerts to experienced analysts.

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Huge reduction in false positives

Achieve a genuine reduction in false positives to get a view of the real threats hidden in transaction data. False positives can be reduced by up to 33% with little risk impact through the bulk remediation of low-priority alerts.

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Greater alert transparency & explainability

Get detailed descriptions as to why alerts are scored high, medium, or low. Build an understanding of the suspicious nature of alerts by taking into account key factors that led to an alert being prioritized or deprioritized.

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Flexible & customizable

Track existing rules against AI-generated priorities. Adjust and fine-tune them accordingly to adapt to new threats and business requirements.

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Manage & reduce backlogs

Reduce risk in your alerts backlog and provide an explanation for any existing backlog to regulators with confidence. Benefit from up to x5 increase in effective risk detection in high-priority alerts.