100% PEP profiles
checked for updates daily

More insights with better global coverage

Guided and quality
by risk experts

Why our PEPs
Coverage is Better

Tailor your screening
to your needs

Every change to an entity is clearly categorized by 4 risk stages (High Risk to Low Risk), age, and type so you can choose exactly which type of information you want to be updated on.

Checked for
updates daily

Our approach enables us to monitor more data sources and identify risk signals more quickly and comprehensively than traditional methods that rely on human analysts.

RCA Coverage

Our PEP profiles are built with a major focus on Relatives and Close Associates (RCAs), which include spouses, partners and children, to give a more accurate insight into the risk of who you’re doing business with.

ComplyAdvantage’s extensive global PEP database and AI driven monitor solution was easy to implement and gives us the confidence that we are always 4MLD compliant.

Empower your compliance team

with the best in class AML and CTF solutions:

Automated Customer Onboarding & Monitoring

Payment Screening for

AML Transaction Monitoring

Our PEP profiles are structured
with Sanctions and Adverse Media

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