At ComplyAdvantage we’re keen to take on board the developing needs of our customers as regulatory requirements become more stringent. We’ve been hard at work on our Transaction Monitoring solution to account for all your needs, with improved UX and new functionality it’s set to make your lives easier than ever.

Introducing Transaction Monitoring version 2.0.

What’s new?


Grouped Alerts by Entity

The platform now has the option to effectively consolidate transactions into a single meaningful analysis, so that you can assess transactions in the context of the customer.

By viewing alerts at an entity or transaction level, you will be able to gain deeper insight into the risk patterns of all parties in the transaction, while significantly reducing the number of alerts your team has to review.

Users can better identify changes in behavior over time per entity and spot suspicious behavior faster.

Intuitive Case Management

Alerts can now be combined and prioritized for assignment. This improves the efficiency of the alert review process and reduces task load when engaging in multiple case management. Each entity page allows you to access and view alerts/transactions, add comments and attach further documentation.

Automatic date and time stamps that correspond to user actions create an electronic audit trail that meets the requirements of regulators, banking partners and auditors. You can spot patterns and outliers by monitoring current transactions alongside historic transaction and behavior data.

display of alert changes

New Look and Feel

We’re excited to announce a fresh new look for Transaction Monitoring. Version 2.0 offers new improved usability, with a clear layout and easier exploration of data. We have revamped the new interface design with ease-of-use in mind to promote greater navigation and alert efficiency.

It’s easier to use and we’ve taken on board feedback from our customers to make the UI fit your needs better than ever.

user display

Zero Downtime Deployment

Your continued operational efficiency is important to us. Our new Transaction Monitoring platform comes with zero downtime deployment, meaning there’s no wait time. Updates will deploy immediately following on from our latest release.

This update offers a major benefit for customers who process transactions on a real-time basis, it drastically reduces the risk exposure of not being able to report suspicious activity in time.

system transaction throughput

Learn more about our Transaction Monitoring solution here.

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