Transaction Monitoring

Identify, investigate and rapidly react to suspicious behaviours in real-time or retrospectively


Keep pace with increasing regulatory expectations and make the right risk decisions, faster.

Spot outlier activity and uncover risk at an entity or transaction level

Better identify changes in behaviour over time and be alerted to typical money laundering scenarios, with deeper insight into the risk patterns of all parties in the transaction. 

Meet the requirements of regulators, banking partners and auditors with an electronic audit trail of all system and user actions with date and time stamps. You can spot patterns and outliers by monitoring current transactions alongside historic transaction and behavior data.

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aml transaction monitoring rules
aml transaction monitoring payments screening

Improve operational efficiency and reduce false positives by 70%

Apply a risk-based approach and configure rules and scenarios to customer and transaction risk levels, so that you are only notified on the transactions that matter. By viewing alerts at an entity or transaction level, you can assess transactions in the context of the customer, whilst significantly reducing the amount of alerts you have to review.

Leverage pre-set industry-specific rules and scenarios fit for you business, or work with our dedicated implementation team to build your own.

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Configurable cloud solution, tailored to your business model

By utilizing analytics to automatically trigger relevant alerts and drive internal workflow, you can stop high-risk transactions as they happen in real-time, or retrospectively via batch upload.

Benefit from flexible API integration and adapt to risks at reduced cost, without relying on technology teams.

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aml monitoring

Enhance your compliance infrastructure

Our Proprietary Data

By utilizing our solutions, you will be using real-time data with updates as often as every 15 minutes. You can better segment and screen data according to your risk appetite, reducing false positives in the process as well as giving your compliance team much richer insights.


Designed to provide all the functionality you need to integrate our data and services into your anti-money laundering processes. No legacy technology issues to deal with and easy to understand transparent API documentation, means you can get set up in hours not months.

Not only are all compliance concerns ably addressed, it has vastly improved the customer experience. Customers are on boarded and funds cleared in minutes, with customer satisfaction and feedback much improved.

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Empower your compliance team with the best in class AML & CFT products.

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