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Life at ComplyAdvantage

Our employees say the best thing about working here is our culture.

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We’re passionate about changing the world. We work well as a team, listen to each other, and treat each other with respect. We’re continuously improving our work and developing our skills.

Colleagues also tell us they love the exceptional benefits of working here, including unlimited holiday, a hybrid working policy, and the opportunity to work abroad.

ComplyAdvantage Perks


We want our people to have a good balance between work and the rest of their lives.

That’s why we offer everyone unlimited annual leave. We trust our teams to meet their goals and customer expectations, but invite them to take the time out they need to recuperate, relax, and enjoy life outside work. Our people love the flexibility and the autonomy.

Steve said: “The unlimited annual leave shows me that my manager trusts me to get the job done, and I don’t feel guilty if I need to take a break to revitalize myself.”

Our people get to work abroad for up to three months each year. That means they can spend more time with friends and family, while we still benefit from their talent. 

We have a global subscription to WeWork, so you can work from any of their serviced offices if you need a desk. Or feel free to work from a hotel, friend’s house, or beach hut. 

We have multiple examples of people working from Spain, Italy, Poland and New Zealand to name a few. As long as you can work effectively, we’re happy.

(Certain countries are excluded for reasons of information security.)

Our hybrid working policy enables team members to work from home and from the office. The balance between home and office time depends on the requirements of the role. Our sales teams feed off the energy of working together and come to the office three days per week, for example. Some of our other teams only meet up once per quarter.

Our offices in New York, London, Cluj and Singapore are stunning and spacious. Employees are welcome to use them, or any of the WeWork offices around the world. Although our UK office is in London, one of our teams meets at the WeWork office in Leeds, because that’s more convenient for the team members.

We give you IT equipment and a budget to cover anything else you might need to work from home comfortably and safely.

David, Senior Business Development Manager said: “The model works perfectly for my team. We like to come into the London office three days a week and work from home for two days. But we understand that people have commitments at home, so some weeks are different. The flexibility creates a sense of empowerment and trust across the team.”

Anna, Engineering Manager said: “As a mum with lots of commitments, working from home really suits me. However, I try to come into the office at least once a week to connect with the team and collaborate on work.”

We trust our people to organize their day and we understand that they have other things to do. If you need to work around the school run or have an appointment, it’s not a problem. Subject to the requirements of the team and role, we don’t mind when you work.

James is based in Manchester. He is usually based at home, but sometimes uses the local WeWork office to work or meet colleagues. He says: “We have a very flexible model. If I want to do some personal jobs in the middle of the afternoon, I can. If I want to nip out to the gym or finish at five, I can do that, too. I can log on later to finish things off. For me this is the most valuable part of the flexible working model.”

Every Christmas and summer we host local social events to help our employees to get to know each other, and to celebrate our successes. 

We also host a global meet-up each year. In March 2022, our people from all over the world travelled to London for our Networking and Strategy Activity (NASA). The three-day event was held at the Royal Institution of Science. It featured talks by internal and external experts in fighting financial crime.

We are hiring talented people into a young industry, so our team members bring a wide range of experiences and expertise to the company. You’re sure to learn from your colleagues here, and we’ll support your development with your own learning and development (L&D) budget.

Our people plan how to use their L&D budgets with their managers. The money can be used for subscriptions to online learning platforms (such as Udemy, Pluralsight, and LinkedIn Learning), books, certifications and conferences. Groups with the same learning goal sometimes combine their L&D budgets to commission bespoke training on subjects such as sales skills, product management and content writing.

Across our departments, we use modern technologies that give you an opportunity to work at your best and master the latest tools.

James, Product Manager said: “I’ve been in product management for 10 years. Since joining ComplyAdvantage, I’ve learned something new every day.”

As well as working within our teams, we operate in cross-functional tribes and squads. Each squad is led by a product manager and has representatives from the product, technology and user experience teams Together, they focus on improving a specific functionality of one of our platforms.

Our software development practices are inspired by agile methodologies. We work in small sprints, with a focus on building or upgrading a particular function of the software. We begin each sprint by setting out our priorities and celebrate our success at the end. We collect feedback on every iteration, no matter how small, from colleagues and customers, so we can continuously deliver improvements to our customers.

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